FireFloor (RainbowChin/HelloKittyRo)

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Do you wanna go to the FireFloor tonight?

Of course I do! 7 vote(s) 53.8%
No, looks boring.... 9 vote(s) 69.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi, I'm HelloKittyRo, One of RainbowChin's best friends and Supporters! I'm here to talk to you about her FireFloor! Tonight, she did 3 rounds! I don't know who one, I just came to watch the 2nd round. It was awesome! I forgot what had happened, but it looked cool! It was at 4:00 AM. She's doing anther on at 9:00. I hope you can all come! :)
  2. RainbowChin is a he. Just saying :)
  3. Hey guys, leave comments and answer the poll! If you leave comments, remember leave something about the FireFloor, I wanna here your opinion!
  4. RainbowChins.. A BOY?
  5. I got bad news/good news... RainbowChin is a boy, I didn't know that! I guess that's ok.. he's a really nice boy...
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  6. Yes RainbowChin is male. A boy is debatable
  7. I still don't know why RainbowChin has a female skin and such.
  8. Roam around his profile and you'll find out.
    A man...
  9. I dunno... I'm pretty sure RainbowSING is a girl...
  10. YES.

    EDIT: Yeah, I remember when I thought Chinny was a girl. I remember once when I repeatedly called him a she, and everyone stared at me like I had 4 heads. =P
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  11. I know, it's weird..
  12. She's a boy, trust me.....
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  13. Jackle is just having a bit of a laugh, he knows that Rainbow is a boy, no worries :p
  14. What if RainbowChin is a girl, and has been lying to us this whole time? Illuminati confirmed.
  15. We need to try and get chin to post a pic of him on the show yourself thread.
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  17. Chin already has. I for one, however, do not believe it. I think it's a fake, a ruse, if you will. Chin is hiding something, something that goes deeper than EMC . . .
  18. I bet that pic of him is a friend. I also bet that chin uses a voice changer while on mumble, hehe
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  19. You're on to something. I say we go deeper.
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  20. .... this explains everything... the fog has been lifted from my eyes.
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