[Finished]700 Day Giveaways and AMA

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  1. I haven't been as active as i used to be on EMC, but in 15 days i reach my 700 day mark on EMC and would just like to celebrate a little.
    I have a few items and rupees to giveaway and will be selected via Numbers 1-100 on random.org
    Rules: Provide a number from 1-50 (more numbers will be added if needed) and ask a Question. A number can only be used once, if its taken, its taken.

    Prizes will be drawn in a Fortnight or so (date not confirmed).

    10k Rupees
    Cupids bow
    2013 EMC Firework
    2013 Independence Firework
    1 Vault voucher
    1 Headless horseman mask
    5k Rupees
    1 2014 birthday cake
    1 ICC skin
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    1. mman2832
    2. LaurenSeattle
    3. Slash14459
    4. huckleberry24
    7. epic0258
    11. PineappleGem
    13. Ultimate_GG
    14. testman12345
    15. 607
    17. LEORYAN10
    21. L3A8
    22. BabyCreepersRule
    24. Calamochnus
    25. ElfinPinapple0
    28. karatekick2001
    31. Dj__Krazy
    33. porphos
    36. akela132
    37. generalfelino015
    42. ShelLuser
    43. Gadget_AD
    46. Jelle68
    49. Gearmaster09
    50. ColePuncher
  3. 14.
    How are you?
  4. im going quite good, got a good day ahead of me! testman12345
  5. 7
    whats your favorite mob and why
  6. I like all mobs but if I had to pick one it would be the spider because I love spiderman and they make cool noises in the game.
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  7. 37 plz, do you remember me?
  8. 43 please

    What's the biggest thing you ever done on EMC? :)
  9. haha, cool, now I do understand what this is all about ;)

    I shall once again go with: 42, the universal answer (so it must be good for something ;)).

    Do you know how cool these kind of auctions / lotteries are? :)

    (I know its a bit of a rhetorical question, sorry, best I could think off)
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  10. Nice!
    Number 15 please :)
    Do you own any Nintendo handhelds or consoles?
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  11. yes i do! you own or used to own that hotel and sky store! its was pretty cool as well :)
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  12. the biggest thing I did on EMC was build and run the 15164 Super mall, which was great but now my mates dont really play and thats who i mainly did it with.
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  13. I do realise and love how cool these kind of things are, it just gives everyone a thing they could possibly win.
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  14. I do most of my gaming on the PC like MC, battlefield, CS-GO, but i do have an original Nintendo DS and Gameboy which i always loved to play pokemon on!
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  15. 1 please
    What is your favorite/ least favorite memory on emc
  16. Favourite moment was building and running the 15164 supermall and I dont really have a least favourite it was all pretty good.
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  17. Happy 700!
    *Sniff* They grow up so fast!
    I'll take 28.
    What is your favorite SMP, and what res do you often visit?
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  18. Thanks! :) My favorite is SMP7, which is my hometown which i grew up in the EMC world. I often just visit all the cool mega malls and such.
  19. 49... It looks suspicious.

    In your time on EMC, what are your favorite memories?