[FINDING] Iron and Gold Farms

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  1. Hey EMC!
    I am needing bulk quantities of Iron & Gold!
    The only way I can obtain this quick is through farming.

    I just, and by just, I mean minutes ago, went to a Iron farm. Was griefed and lava fell on me. I died :mad:.
    That person escaped before I came back from AFKness.

    If you would like to share your coordinates with me, you can put them on this thread or PM me if you want to keep it secretive. Your choice!

  2. If someone killed you with lava, that is against the rule if they did it. PM a moderator.
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  3. I've been murdered at a slime farm before. Two people were roaming around, then they griefed the slime farm and killed me with sand. No staff action was made because there was no evidence other than my death message and death screen. I know exactly who did it; the two players are well-known.

    There are public farms on SMP3.
  4. I dont hang out in the frontier because of the people that kill you.
  5. The last I knew, lava placement was tracked, therefore easily trackable.

    Sand, unfortunately, is not. :(
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  6. It was the holding tank that was destroyed.
    And where exactly is the SMP3 farm?
  7. I dunno who, that's why I can't report.
  8. Staff can see who.
  9. That thread was a year old it probably isnt there anymore
  10. Lava placement, TNT placement, Flint and Steel, etc...

    All are tracked in Square, all a staff member needs id coords and they got you covered. (Dont know if you need to be out there or not...)
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  11. You don't need a name, just send a pm to SR Staff give as much info as you can.

    I can sell you bulk iron if your happy to buy it
  12. The farms are still there. I found the location of a gold farm that still exists on a thread that was about two years old. :p
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  13. Ok i didn't know if they were. Thanks for the info. :)
  14. Can you PM me the coordinates?