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  1. I have a question about finding a place to establish.

    For the 5,000 block distance...lets say I find an outpost at 500, -500. Do I have to run to 5500, -5500?
    And once there, do I have to run in a square of 5,000 by 5,000? That seems absurd to me and I feel like I have misunderstood but I want to make sure I understand before I try to stake an area.
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  2. ah it should be a circle of 3000 blocks right? 5000 is for EMC Outposts, 3000 is for players.

    I was wondering, is one "block" the same as one coordinate increment? Also, what is a "chunk" ?
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  3. Yes.

    A block of 16 x 256 x 16 (xyz)
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  4. The distance may seem far, but minecraft provides for fast travel through the nether. (Each step in the nether is 8 steps in the overworld.) On many SMPs there are public rail lines you can hop on that will get you thousands of blocks out in a couple of minutes. When I started I didn't know about these so I just ran out.

    Also, you don't need to be established to build a private house and farm. Establishing is more formal and allows you to stake out a large claim for expansion.
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  5. Thats a nice tip to know...I hadnt considered there were rails int he nether for I'll have to look :)
  6. i suggest u make a tunnel off of a nether rail u will need to go about 500 to 800 blocks away maybe more :D i went extreamly far away and did about 1000 it took like 3 hours of work to go over all he lava i suggest u follow casts of go to small plates and try not to fall :D if u have to or can make it out of nether brick or cobble (ghast proof)
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  7. Ahhh I was wondering about that. I made a nether portal and it actually took me to an already set up one next to a rail. I wanted to ask if it was okay to use it?

    Unfortunately when I took the nether portal back to the overworld, I came out of someone else's nether portal, in a basic small cobble walled area in the woods. It's a hike from my outpost but still a lot closer than the EMC outpost.
    I was freaked out so I took down my portal haha. Would it be okay to use that nether rail and the portal, even though the overworld location it takes me to is not the one I set up?
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  8. Yeah, you can freely use portals and rails. It might be considered rude if you show up inside someone's house uninvited but that isn't considered greifing :)
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  9. Thank you! I'm not sure if it qualifies as a house exactly. The overworld portal is just enclosed by 4 walls, no ceiling and like the basic crafting table. The nether side is about the same with one exit to the rail and another exit to the regular nether but I didn't investigate further than peeking around the corner.

    I would have avoided both if the portal in my outpost hadn't linked up :D
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  10. However, you are not allowed to build randomly on someone else's claimed plot (which is 5k block radius). Best way to be safe is to attempt to claim it yourself and see if the Mods allow it; they should inform you if you are within someone else's claimed area. I do not like to find random houses built in my outpost, I report this as griefing.
  11. Isn't it a 3k block radius? So depending on the neighbors agreement, they could split that boundary and each neighbor would have a 1.5k block radius on that vertices?

    My interpretation of the 3k block radius was it acted as more of a buffer zone between outposts, not necessarily as the outpost itself.
  12. Its 2500 blocks out all directions from the locked chest - which means your center point must be at least 5k blocks away from my center point..
    Which makes the claimed area 5k from side-to-side
  13. I would suggest going 5k out in the nether and making a portal....
  14. ah! that is the best idea i've heard so far!
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