Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 86 vote(s) 63.2%
No. 50 vote(s) 36.8%
  1. Boundary

    The hint might be a bit cryptic, but I think if a few more people have a go at it, it'll be found before the time's over! I hope so, because it's easier than the leaves one ;) Don't worry, I do have many easier ones too, but there got to be some variety in difficulty or the most active person will win every time because they'll be the first to have a go at it.

    Nope, it's not there!
  2. Found it, my internet doesnt allow me to upload any fotos now for some reason though, so Ill try upload a picture later :)
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  3. Okay, I'll keep submissions closed until further notice: if anyone else thinks he has the good answer, please pm it. If haastregt uploads it today and it's correct, he's won :)
    If he does not or it is incorrect, the first person to have pm'ed it to me or posts it to the thread after haastregt has won :)
  4. So if noone pm'd 607, I managed to post it now :D (sorry for the delay)
    Hope its right this time, actually xD [/SPOILER
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  5. Yes, correct!
    You now have 12 CP, which brings you into the range for the first rewards! :) (Re-Volt Track; Free game gameplay; Roblox or Minecraft server gameplay: for more info, see
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  6. I have my eyes on some things ^.^
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  7. I didn't get to posting one last week, but here it is!
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  8. I think I've got it. :) Nice hide, if so.
  9. Correct! You've earned your first five cp! :)
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  10. Don't walk on the grass!

    Found by Hashhog.

    Snowy ledge.

    Found by haastregt.

    The floor is lava.

    Found by nobody, but me.


    Found by Jelle68.

    "I believe I can fly..."

    Found by testman12345.


    Found by Lukas3226.

    High and dry.

    Found by Dufne.


    Found by ShyguytheGamer1.


    Found by Dufne.


    Found by ShyguytheGamer1.

    Past pictures, page 4.
  11. I should've made some "reserved" posts back then to prevent having to store the past pictures in different places :p
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  12. Does this thread now need bumps before people start looking for it? :eek:
  13. No, I've looked but just couldn't find it :p Well, it's probably somewhere obvious but I just can't find it...
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  14. Okay, okay... :p
    Back when I started, though, even the more difficult ones like this one got found, I think. But perhaps that's because back then I offered rupees to the winner... ;)
    Edit: okay, I'll admit. This one is a bit more difficult than most early ones :p
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  15. I think that the sun's glare effects on the picture put it off a little also, but I don't know, it looks like it should be an easy find but I'm not having any luck :p
  16. Okay, I guess it's time for the hint, then, I'm not sure if it'll help much, but here it goes:
    Snowy ledge
  17. Nice try... xD

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  18. Dang. Was I at least close? :p
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  19. I'm really going to laugh hard if the ducky is at the edge :p (but I cant find it there :3)
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