Find The Invisible Cow

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mindlegokid, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. All of my what
  2. As soon as I saw AntVenom play this, I knew someone on EMC would make a thread about it...
    Oh god it's like Cookie Clicker all over again but with more shouting and more cows :p
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  3. I liked this already:p It was kinda to be expected to be posted on Empire Minecraft. I didn't even play it yet though, cause I'm pretty much always when I have time, on iPad
  4. I have a 403 error :confused:
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  5. 403: cow not find: invisible
  6. oh my gosh
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  7. *Sauve Mooo~*
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  8. Found him :) mooo
    Also found in expert mode ;)
  9. The apocalypse is coming... OH GOD! an army of cookies and cows are marching this way!!!!!!!!! Arm the cannons!
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  10. I'm bossing at expert mode. :cool:
  11. Without expert mode it's just crap, cause I think it's about that you have to hear it, cause it's invisible. So I guess cursor changes are kinda weak.
  12. Oh heck I am gonna play it! *sigh*
  13. Aww yiss I found it, now expert mode \o3o/!, I can see myself stuck with this for some hours maybe....

    Edit: Nvm I beat expert mode, well this was fun xD
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  14. so easy >.< and this is open at the same time as cookieclicker.
  15. As if I didn't need another reason to procrastinate…
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  16. I just did it with my eyes shut on expert mode, and only one click :)
  17. cowcowcowocowcowcowCOWCOWCOWCOWOCOWCOWCOWCOW!
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