Find the EMC Player for 1,000r!

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  1. What do I do?

    Find a Pixel Paper Craft player!
    Where is it?
    I dunno, hidden or something.
    What do I win? *Only First Place


    Can I be the player?
    The winner of the latest find gets to choose!
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  2. Ah, thanks for the mention! :D
    Well? When will we get the first picture? ;)
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  3. #1. Easy. Find All three players! Tall or Small.
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  4. ItsMeWolfpack is in the tree on top of the light switch. Aikar is also there on the wire. There is also a mini Wolfpack on the tree split
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  5. Congrats =P Who would you like to see next? And big or small?
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  6. Easy indeed ;)
  7. Wait... you can do it with text, too?
    Then I could've gotten it a while ago, downloading, editing and uploading the picture took me a minute :/
    Oh well, never mind, then, bye...
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  8. I would, of course, like to choose Dufne for this one as a little "HAHAHAHA WE WON!" present, and big please!

    That's close enough, right?
  9. 2. Bye Dufne I mean Enjoy you break!
    You must download it, then circle the player!
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  10. It's me! \(^-^)/
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  11. broken image and ninja'd. thanks rhy :p
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  12. I love you too <3
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  13. Congrats! Who would you like next? Big or Small, only one.
    (Last one today!)

  14. Atlas i labeled Ninjaed though =P
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  16. I call next up to be found :p
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  17. It'd be an awful shame if someone ended up dead because they didn't pick fBuilderS
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