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  1. Upon reaching the last room in the tutorial my game locks, it's taken me roughly an hour to make a 1/4 turn to my right and take 3 steps forward. I've logged out and back in, I've completely closed minecraft, I've rebooted, and I've cleared and reloaded files, to no avail.

    [13:46:30 ERROR]: Game ended with bad state (exit code -805306369)
    [13:46:30 INFO]: Ignoring visibility rule and showing launcher due to a game crash
    [13:46:30 INFO]: Deleting G:\Minecraft\.minecraft\versions\1.8.1\1.8.1-natives-58606856380821
    [13:46:31 WARN]: Couldn't delete G:\Minecraft\.minecraft\versions\1.8.1\1.8.1-natives-58606856380821 - scheduling for deletion upon exit
    Above is the last error I receive.
    I've read reviews, looked over the website and think this may be the place for me... if I can get through the tutorial that is. As it's close to Christmas it may be several days before I have the oportunity to try and log in again.
    Thank you for your time.
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  2. Try the following:
    1. Log in with a different version (1.7.10 or 1.8 release)
    2. As soon as you log in, type /town
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  3. I am sorry. I am just seeing this now. I have it setup to alert me next time you join. If you can join and give me a few minutes I can get you unstuck.
  4. It'll be around 7am pacific US when i next have the time to log in.
  5. Or 10 am, had a mental health appointment I forgot about.

    Memory usage is up about 6x normal in this room
  6. Try another server. EMC has 9 servers that you can join. Just /smp1, /smp2, etc.

    Also, welcome to the Empire.
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  7. You were not answering me so I /kicked you to hopefully free you. Try typing /town on reconnect.
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  8. Tried that, can not access commands until tutorial is completed message received.
  9. Chat's turned off by default in tutorial, I'll try and turn it on next time around.
  10. Please check your client settings. No one else is having issues in the tutorial like this. Make sure you have no mods installed/loaded and try again.
  11. Nothing extra installed, not mods, no texture packs nothing. Chat and commands unavailable until tutorial is completed.
  12. I hope this'll get sorted out soon! :)
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  13. The command /tutorial will work to restart the tutorial. Try that and see. Also, try connecting to instead of to see if a different server will work.
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  14. Managed to get another 8 blocks further through the room, sadly that's my game time for today. Off to run my brother to his legal appointments, deliver gifts, and head to a forced family party. I'll be back Monday to try again.
  15. yeah having problems on my new account :(
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  16. managed to make it through. turns out i hsd a texture pack loaded, unloaded it and no lock up.
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  17. Yay! :D