Figured it was time to say hello!(:

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If you had to live on an island with one food, what would it be?

Bacon 14 vote(s) 73.7%
Brussel Sprouts 5 vote(s) 26.3%
  1. Hello everyone,

    I figured it was about time to show myself on the forums:)
    My minecraft expirence is a bit different then most due to the fact this is my first server. I'd played xbox and my attitude on the situation was "oh, I've played the xbox version, I'm set!" I joined this server and right away I was spammed with "Welcome to EMC!" It nearly crashed my computer, but it was amazing. I always hear about servers never appreciating their new players just as you're another fish in the pond.. This server, I believe, is truly different and remarkable:) In these past 40 days I have learned everything there was to learn about minecraft from the very friendly smp3ians! I'm just so greatful to have found this server and will try to as much as I can!

  2. Welcome to the forums! :p

    Edit: Also, the poll, I chose brussles since, y'know, they give you more vitamins and stuffs :3 Thinking of this logically now, hm? :p
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  3. Welcome!

    But bacon is delicious.
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  4. It is hard to play SP after you play this server, for you think Enraged Mobs are going to spawn.
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  5. Welcome! We kick Xbox's butt
  6. Welcome to the empire! It sounds like you're all set, but find me on smp4 if you need anything. I'm willing to chat on anything from the weather to the world. But seriously, drop me a PM, I can't stand boredom, but no such thing as too much excitement! :)
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  7. Well hello there ;)
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  8. Welcome to the empire! :D We're defenitely different, EMC has the greatest community I have ever been a part of :D
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! Best possibly community based server there is! c:
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  10. Welcome to the empire! :)
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  11. WELCOME #findmeonsmp5orsmp9ifuneedhelp so yeah, if u need some stuff that isn't rare, I could lend it to u
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  12. I'd rather wither away on that island with some protein in my bones!
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  13. I'd rather not wither away and live healthily with my brussles ;)
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  14. Ah, I appreciate the offer but the only stuff I might be needing is help :D I find it a bit too easy when people give you stuff :p
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  15. Well if u need help then ask me :D
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  16. Will do :D
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  17. Welcome kyzoy!:D
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  18. I think brussels sprouts are tasty in general! :)
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  19. Add a little bit of garlic?:) May just be me and my italian cooking :p

    hai, do I know you from somewhere?
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