Ferrari VS Lamborghini

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What Car Brand you love more

Ferrari 10 vote(s) 26.3%
Lamborghini 28 vote(s) 73.7%
  1. Hey Guys!

    I am creating a discussion to see which cars you care like more the Ferrari's or the Lambo's
    There are no right or wrong answers its your opinion.

    Also on this Thread you can talk about Ferrari and Lamborghini. You can post pictures and which cars you love more.

    I especially love the Lamborghini Veneno because it just look like a beast but I prefer to have a Ferrari Instead.

    Hope to see your Opinions on these Cars Enjoy! :)
  2. Both of the brands have made good cars and bad cars, but I'm personally going to say Ferrari are better, simply for the reason that they have a wider range of products to offer to a wider audience. In terms of cars, both of them are producing great cars right now, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for example and the lovely Lamborghini Huracan. They've both made good cars in the past too, such as the Ferrari 288 GTO and the Lamborghini Countach. It's a close call but Ferrari do offer more in my opinion :)
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  3. Just a heads up and most people don't know or don't like this. You have to qualify to own a Ferrari unless you go to an auction. Yes, you have to meet certain guidelines to owning one and even after that, you can do only certain things to your own car. Ferrari has been know to take people's cars away from them, because they broke those guidelines. I'm sorry, when you buy ANY car and for the amount of money that is costs for a Ferrari, I say you do whatever the fudge you want with it. Also read this;

    So yea, Lambo all day, plus they look better too.
  4. Well, I like the look of Lamborhini's vehicles better then Ferrari's vechiles.
    Now, I only like a certain part of Lamborghini's vechiles, I am not a huge fan of their tractors. :p

    If I were going for performance and racing, I would go for Ferrari, since almost all of their cars are a track ready car.
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  5. I did say this earlier, however despite the vast amount of products Ferrari have, if I had to choose one of the products offered by either of the brands then I would go for the Lamborghini Huracan. The Audi engineering mixed with what I believe to be beautiful styling makes it a truly great car :) As I said, it's a really close call. There's greats on both sides... I'm even questioning my choices now. It's hard to decide.
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    Jokes aside, I am still a lambo guy. Their style in cars has always appealed to me and my favourite car is in fact a lambo, the sesto elemento. And that's just because it's gorgeous, I get fanboy all over that car. However I do also like Ferrari's, they make brilliant cars, I just prefer lambos.
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  7. Sweg.
  8. Why did you get the weird one, and not this beast? :p
  9. *And now I am getting Porsche ads on this page*

    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.27.50 AM.png

    Anyways, I would have to go with Lamborghini simply because I like their cars more in general. I'm not really a sports car guy though. I won't mind driving my mom's Honda Pilot from 2008 around when I get my permit next year :p
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  11. I love the Ferrari laferrari because its just looks like a total beast :D
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  12. I've seen plenty of Ferraris, but I've never seen a Lamborghini in real life. For the 'I've never seen a Lamborghini IRL' factor, and the fact I think their cars look amazing, I will forever be a Lambo guy :p

    Plus Lamborghini is a much nicer word to say.
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  13. The only Lambo I seen IRL was the Gallardo I seen it when I took a Trip to London
  14. I cannot stand Ferrari. Their cars are rediculously overrated. I personally love lambo, because their cars are bonkers. It feels like you are in a roller coaster. A Ferrari feels too techincal to have any fun with
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  15. Sorry for the double post, but no boss has a name like that. I am not the Olaf LaOlaf. That was the worst possible name to give it.

    EDIT: the guy taking the photo is in a 500,000 dollar Rolls-Royce Phantom drop-head convertible. You can tell by the veneer softtop housing
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  16. Most people don't say Ferrari LaFerrari.
    The Ferrari is La Ferrari in Spanish.

    It is the same reasoning as with the name Xbox One, I think :p
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  17. But Ferrari are an Italian Sports Car company, not spanish. It has no spanish ties from what I can see :p

    Also, "la" means "the" in Italian
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  18. I use adblock, just not on EMC because it is all I can do to support :) I have used their server power for three years, might as well help them pay it off.
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