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  1. Hi there everyone I hope you're all well and good!

    I'm really hoping this post doesn't turn into me having a massive winge and moan! I am (as most of you already know) the owner of an Enchanted Book Shop on SMP8. I've only been on the Empire since April and have loved every minute of it so far! Back when I started I was on SMP3 and I was finding it really hard to find Enchanted Books for my Fishing Rod so saw a gap in the Market so to speak. I moved to SMP8 to get a res close to Spawn and so my shop was born.

    It took me about 3 months to work my way through 25 villagers (that's 24 Enchants and 1 infinate paper) to get my shop where it is today. This is where I think I need to do a little explaining as I'm getting approached on a daily basis now for one thing or another that I just can't do or don't have the time to do.

    As some of you may know villagers change.... ALOT! I've lost count now of the times I've lost a villager because they change their trade or just lock up there last trade so they are useless, so I eggify and start over. I have come to realize that you need alot of resources and patience!

    So here's the things I just can't do. Its not me being mean or anything like that it's just that I'm only just about staying on top of my shop.

    I can't let anyone trade with my villagers. For obvious reasons... I sell the books! Plus over trading with them stops them trading with me.

    I can't do Bulk Supply. Again by the time I've filled a SC or DC that villager will change, then I'm stuck.

    I can't supply anyone else's Book shops for the same reasons, over trading with mine means I lose out.

    I can't let anyone trade with my Paper villager. Again they will and do lock up eventually its all a matter of time. I'm on my 5th Infinate Paper villager now as the other 4 just decided No, enough is enough and they locked me out of their last trade.

    I know its only a game but I honestly have worked hard to get my Shop where it is now and I am proud! lol :)

    To anyone who is wanting to do a Book Shop like mine then Fantastic! Go for it! I will offer any advice I can! All I can say is, get yourself at least 25 Librarian Villagers and work your way through them one by one. Be patient and you will get there in the end!

    It's unlike me to have a moan I was just beginning to feel like I was always saying no to people and its not being understood why I'm saying no. Its not for no good reason!

    Any questions then please feel free to ask!

    ClareMuss :)
  2. Regarding your villagers "locking up" - I got my inf. paper guy from back when samsimx was offering that service, and the one piece of advice I clearly remember is, never teleport away, leave the chunk, or otherwise exit your villager's range when he's still got the purple 'bubbles' going. Always wait for him to finish doing his thing before you leave. Now that's not 100%, since there is a miniscule chance of getting that awful gold trade, but it's worked for over a year now without issue.

    As to the rest of it - don't feel guilty telling people no. :) Your shop is awesome, convenient, and fairly well priced (although I wouldn't say "Bane V" is worth 1500r, but that enchant haunts me in my nightmares so...)
    Keep doing your thing and don't let others' demands get you down. :)
  3. Yeah I have (In the beginning) learnt the hard way of "wandering off" lol And yeah I had the Gold Trade once months ago and I was totally confused by it!

    Thanks for your kind words, even the ones about my BOA5! lol I'll lower the price tmoz! :)
  4. There's gaps everywhere in the market on SMP3. Nearly 3 years ago all of its mega malls just closed and people went were the mega malls were open, and after awhile they left. Eventually SMP3's economy just collapsed and was left in its current situation :p

    As Kephras said, don't feel bad for telling people no. Sometimes things just have to be turned down. If you have a decent shop with adequately priced items and are always in stock, don't tell people your secret. That just creates more competition. Competition = bad :p
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  5. Trading with villagers can be a very tedious job. Specialy getting the emeralds to the point i even built myself a machine to drop paper on me whilst i trade paper so that i don;t have to run back and forth to chests.
    Whats will be your next endevour? Will you keep you villagers for personal use like i do?
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  6. Any questions about villagers I'm your guy. :)
  7. Hi Clare!

    I didn't know, but then again; I have only been on since 4 days & 4 hours ago ;)

    Now I do know and I'm very happy to have discovered your shop.

    Well, this doesn't sound like moaning to me, no worries! And I'm happy that you took the time to explain all this to us because I actually learned some new things thanks to your post. (it's amazing how quickly you can lose grip with the vanilla gameplay if you usually play on a server with lots of plugins).

    Honestly; you have nothing to apologize for in my opinion. Its like you said: it may look so easy "sell a few enchanted books" but just because it may look easy doesn't mean it also actually is easy, that's the trick ;)

    Now, before I continue please keep 2 things in mind: I'm still very new to the economy so don't have much of a feel for the ongoing price of things. And to make matters worse I also don't fully care about the rupee's. Well, I do like to earn a few of course, but it's not my main goal on the server.

    But having that out of the way.. As said; In my opinion you got nothing to apologize for.

    First of all your post was an eye opener to me; we can actually get and use spellbooks here. That's a new experience for me so I checked out your shop and bought myself some books... Fortune III, Unbreakable III and Efficiency V. And to really spice it up: Silk Touch I.

    As said I don't really keep track of value and costs, but solely looking at the stuff I could do with my Unb II pick (enchanted it myself, I'm so proud ;)) then I can only shudder at the potential of having a level 3 pick!

    Unbreaking 3 / Efficiency V?! And well, I'll probably use Fortune in my toolset too somehow. I don't know from mind what it has cost me anymore, but I do know enough about MC that this is going to get me a lot of good stuff.

    You got every right to secure your business a little, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    I'm very glad that I discovered your shop and as soon as I made a little more money you can bet on it that I'll probably be back someday ;)

    ...I shall now also try to actually remember it ;) Just in case I started following you, that should help too :)
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  8. I'm giving this thread a bump as I'm currently having a few issues that are covered in this thread! :)