[Feedback needed] Necks?

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  1. I don't know what I think about this really. This whole neck business
    The more I look at it, the more...weird it looks xD I remember being proud of it, but that slowly faded as I coloured it in. It kind of looks like an extension that doesn't really need to be there, in my honest opinion

    Any opinions? Feedback? I'm going to try drawing necks more, but I don't know if any of them will make it past the sketch stage :p
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  2. Looks a little longer than a normal twoleg neck, just make it a bit shorter.
  3. no no it's too long >.< look at the neck of the guy in your sig gif and compare >.<
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  4. Thanks guys :p
    I did do it without a reference, which is probably the first of the many mistakes haha
    I'll do another one with a shorter neck soon xD
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  5. Yeah, the neck is too long I think. :)
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  6. Yes diffidently too much neck, unless you are making a bobble head. :)
  7. Still five thousand times better than anything I could do.
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  8. Does everything else but the neck look alright? I was experimenting a bit with the eyes
  9. Eyes are fine. The neck is too long and your shoulders are concave. The neck need to get a bit wider as it descends into the shoulder area .
  10. Or you got go this route "Neck Twisters"
    warning little graphic at the end.

    But seriously most necks i seen being drawn or somewhat right triangles fitting the head with little curve. I'm no Expert but prolly draw the head first then the neck to match it..
  11. have you tried maybe putting in some shading under the chin? it would make the face stand out more while also making the neck look smaller.

    just an idea from a non-artist :)
  12. I will try that next time, but I usually only shade drawings if they're big ones which I plan to share :p

    So much feedback and so many bad things Im noticing about it xD Thanks guys?
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  13. Are you a giraffe?

    In all seriousness, try making it a lot shorter. I'd look at myself in a mirror to see how to proportion my neck