Fedny or "Fendy"

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Fedny or Fendy?

Fedny 7 vote(s) 29.2%
Fendy 17 vote(s) 70.8%
  1. I mean obviously the D is BEFORE the N but... you know... I say Fedny
  2. I pronounce it Fendy Boo, but that's just me, I think. :p Fedny just doesn't roll off the tongue.
  3. I can't even look at you...

    Just kidding :p But the D is before the N, plus Fedny sounds more European...
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  4. And there isn't an E in my name yet there is in Fendy/Fedny :p I don't mind either but I personally use Fendy because it follows through. It doesn't feel broken up like Fedny does! But as I don't mind, I am quite intrigued to see how this vote goes...
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  5. There's always one :rolleyes:
  6. F-D-N-Y... am I the only one who spells out his name?
  7. Professor Doctor Sir Baron Count Fendy Fendington Rodriguez the Fendinator LXV of Fendingham-upon-Witley
  8. FEDNY! :p

    I want to call him Sir Fedny rodriguez... basically as lot like 72volt said ;3
  9. I do that too sometimes.
  10. Well, ef dee en why, always... Fendy, I think I remember (I totally just did that xD) you actually saying something along the lines of "My name is pronounced by saying the letters FDNY, not Fendy". What was that about then? Who made up the name Fendy?
  11. i just picture it in my mind as if i was picasso :rolleyes:
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  12. Phteven.

    J/k. I say Fendy.
  13. I'm such a strong supporter of Fendy, there have been times when I did /tell Fendy by accident and had to retype /tell FDNY when the first command didn't work. :p
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  14. I don't really know him that well, so I'm gonna go with Effdeeanwhytwennywun. :)
  15. In my mind it comes out as Fire Department New York. :rolleyes: