[Feb 21] Server Update

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Really nice update for you guys.

    • Supporters and staff now have colored name tags! (No Jack, we're not using TagAPI =P this was simpler )
    • Entity limiter will no longer kill mobs that have picked up players items.
    • More performance changes - should no longer lag spike anymore
    • Entity Range change - Lowered the distance players can SEE entities - This will greatly reduce client side lag, especially in the shop world. You should not be affected much by your neighbors residence now.

      Shop world should no longer lag anyones client! Those item frames will now only show when your close to them :)

      These Entities are still there and unaffected gameplay wise, just not being sent to the client when not near them to optimize performance.
  2. Sounds good :D
  3. Sounds great. Less lag. And coloured name tags! YAY!
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  4. Great! Colored name tags is a nice perk :)
  5. when do these new updates take effect? or have they already?

    i also think i'm pretty excited for this!
  6. I'm blue da ba dee da ba daaaaaa
  7. oh how i love the blue <3
  8. but but but green is awesome too >.< lol
  9. yes, its awesome as well, <3 but i'm not green either. :( the green (slave) part is your job. ;)
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  10. haha you should see the Admins color, very nice it fits Max very well
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  11. Yay! I can fonmaly access shop without my client crashing! Thanks Aikar. :D
  12. Yay I have gold tag :p
  13. That sounds nice but Ghast can still shot at you beyond that range(Invisible Ghast = :confused::mad::mad::() and bow & arrows don't work like they used to. :(
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  14. Awesome update - if you wanted to take less client-lag one step further, have you considered adding some of Sign Lag Fix addition to the code?

    Also, what's the range for the item frame vision?
  15. Sweet lol XD an epic update. Me upgrading :D
  16. Yellow FTW
  17. Budder Tags FTW! Great update, keep on making this server better.
  18. My countless nagging paid off! :D *victory dance*
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  19. Ohh ... coloered name tags... :D thats awesome
  20. what do you mean about bow and arrows?

    I can raise monsters to 64 in the wild (currently 48) but thats a pretty far range so they shouldnt be aggroing that far out.

    the sign lag is client side changes. you receive sign data on chunk receive, client is rendering it far just like these server side changes was done..

    trying to not send tile entities too unless close would be ALOT more complicated than entities.