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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Sorry, shes not playing runescape... I'll ban it from our network >_>
  2. *Looks for dislike button.* :mad:
    I like lots of games, Runescape and Pokemon being two of which. I used to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo 1 & 2, have played the third.. And I've played other, non-blizzard games like age of empires. I'd like to say I'm a pretty big rts fan, I've played halo wars, and of course the halo series (fps is my weakness. I am bad at it), but I must say.. Minecraft has to be my favorite.

    So honestly, I have experienced a few different economies, EMC's current, WoW's Auction house, Runescape's Grand Exchange, and a few others as well. I've played a game called Conquer 2.0 where you spend money to purchase items you can find (Meteors and Dragon balls), that are the currency for good armor/weapons. Some of these were PVP based games. I've also played Flyff which was an odd game, but fun. Won't play again though, that economy is purely based off of how much you have in your wallet IRL. <_<

    I can tell you that what Aikar is making.. Will impact everyone. Big, or small. Anyone will be able to make an honest coin, and you won't be able to scam people through this system.

    I've seen so many reports about dudeface scamming applerawr123 or stealing from applerawr123.. You can go ahead and say that it is because applerawr123 didn't set up a shop sign, but I've seen Diamond supporters be stolen from as well, because they tried to trust another player, even other Diamond supporters.

    We have a guide to help players set up a shop via the signs, but not everyone understands it. I want to make a proper tutorial on how to set up a shop sign, AND use this new market system so everyone can understand how it all works.
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  3. Isn't there already something like this implemented? Sometimes when I type in chat 'Who sells coal' or something like that I get an error message come up saying something like 'Nobody found who sells coal' so is that something that you guys already knew about? Anyways this idea sounds really cool and I can't wait for it to finish being developed and then implemented into EMC.

    I also had an idea although it would probably increase server lag and require quite a lot of programming skill and time. What if the Empire Shop automatically adjusted the prices of items based on the current economy. It would also be quite useful if you implemented a command which recommended what you should sell an item for, such as /price [item id]

  4. I love Pokemon!
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  5. I used to love pokemon
  6. No.

    The /who command shows who is connected to the server you put. If there is no such server, it gives an error,

    /who understands what this command does?
    Could not find the server understands


    /who smp9
    26 players are connected to this server (smp9)
    Staff (0)
    Supporters (4): Herbrin3, TheKimger1911, W0013G, Bjornadal
    Regular (21): cobrabrew, maisymonkey, [...snipped]
    Guests in tutorial: 1
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  7. I love how it was a no comment to that if it could work like Runescapes economy does, in the fact since all deals are listed, you can easily buy them all out and resell them for more. I doubt it will though. I have an idea. How about we havea freindly bet? If the economy plumets, ICC gives me 10 rupees. If it doesnt, Ill give him 10 rupees. That sound fair?
  8. Would it be possible to combine this system more into the one that is in place? Here's what I am thinking: Shop owners are about to rent (this takes care of the taxes part) a certain amount of special chests (maybe a different color) when an item like an enchanted sword is placed in the chest it will be moved to be sold on the website. When the buyer buys the sword they have to go to the shop its at to pick it up. That will give the shop owner a chance to sell there other wears.

    I did not see if there will be a online shop for every server, or on combined. will there be options to filter by server or buy seller.

    You said you want ideas this is mine, thanks for listening.
  9. Ahh that must be it! It's been a while since I have accidentally or intentionally used it so... Anyway thanks for clearing that up ;)
  10. http://www.emcshops.org/ :)

    So what happens to enchantment shops? ICC, you said that this will fix the "3 enchantments" shop glitch. Does that mean Justin, Aikar or whoever's coding won't fix it in the old system? I don't plan on selling any enchanted pickaxes on this new system and I just spent a lot of money on a new enchantment shop. Can't you just change some of the code to fix it?
  11. No, we can't just "change some code to fix it"

    The fix is to use something completely different than chest shops. We cant magically make signs have longer lines..

    The only way to fix it is to reinvent a new shop system... and that's what we are doing.

    If you choose to not use the new system, that's fine, but you're choosing to not use the fix.
  12. Oh I see. Excuse me then, I don't know anything about coding as you guessed.

    I did see Justin say something a while ago about this glitch though, like: "I'll add this to my list of things to fix." I guess I was waiting for something that wasn't going to happen then?
  13. While the work coders do are amazing sometimes, they aren't magic when the stuff comes to changing another systems code when it's a core part of the system (ie: Mojang's limit of # on signs, etc.). When Justin adds things to his list, it means he'll (and now a few other coders on EMC) look into solutions for the problems. Though, sadly, some will not have simple solutions. In this case, the fix for enchantments with III would entail Mojang adding characters to their sign limits.

    A solution we do have is the system Aikar is working on. It works, and everyone will be able to easily use it, or not if they choose not to.
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  14. When are we looking for this to be rolled out? I can't wait to see it.

    No pressure, Aikar. ;)
  15. Aikar will be able to give status updates as he goes. It hasn't been started (yet) because we wanted to iron out all the details via this discussion first to give an idea of how we were going to craft it, etc. I think we have enough now for him to start though. I have no idea how to estimate how long something, programming wise will take though, so I'll let him chime in on that, haha.
  16. Oh I see. Just out of curiosity, who are all the coders?
  17. Essentially I'm blocked until Justin gets some time to work with me and we get me setup with the "EMC Platform" in a way I can test and develop on my own, then push the changes.

    I can't do anything really without Justin's help. I don't even have access to all of the necessary code either. I can work on some common code sure... but I would much rather build it directly into the platform so I can make use of already existing code to simplify things.

    My goal atm is to work on the PVP server until Justin can get some time to get me fully setup to work with all things EMC, as I can work on that completely separate without him (As all the important parts do not have ties to the EMC platform).

    I also lead a pretty busy life.. I am a developer as a full time job, so my enthusiasm to code can be low when I get home, so some days I may just not feel like programming :p And then RL is going to get even more complicated at the end of the month...

    So, don't expect it anytime within this month, and next month would be a 'maybe'... We will have to consort with others (so you may see posts asking for a little bit of help on forums) in the graphics area, so there's alot of pieces to this puzzle.

    And most importantly, Speed depends on how much Maxarias lets me focus =P Plus our RL life will still have priority, as swimming pool and beach is more fun than code :p
  18. I guess that is fair enough. :cool:
  19. This is what I feel like I read in his wall of text. xD
    I do try to urge him to do various things, but he'd rather post on the forums. :p;)
  20. That's funny. I took it as, "I have responsibilities in life and I want to take them seriously."

    That and "I like swimming and playing in the sun."

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