FbuilderS can place snow golems on his res and I can't

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  1. You need a blizz ard arm, nose, or eye to do that. Just make the structure of a regular snow golem then right click on it with the items above
  2. Wait that's why those items are valuable?
  3. Apart from they're rareish, yes. :)
  4. Where do I find cheap ones
  5. If you want a snowman on your res, I can put one on your res, if I have the build flag. Trust me, dude. :)
  6. Just for clarification, that build flag only has to be there for a couple of seconds, just to put down the snowman. It can of course be removed afterwards. :)
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  7. EnderMagic1 go to SMP5 and type /v sharpyHashtag