FaZe Temperrr YouTube Banner

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  1. This is a little something I made in my spare time, trying to practice on my GFX and stuff. I'm gonna send it to him and see what he thinks, but first, I wanna know what you guys think! Tell me if you suggest I add anything or make any changes to it. All feedback, positive or negative is appreciated ^.^
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  2. This is my second go at it, did some minor edits, tell me what you think of this one!
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  3. It looks terrific!
  4. Hm, I like the first one better than the second one. Who is faze temperrr?
  5. (Was) Kinda still is a popular member in the Call of Duty community. He is the leader of a very popular trickshotting/quickscoping clan called FaZe.
  6. Woah, that's super awesome! I too prefer the first one to the second one, not sure why. It looks really good. :) I could never make something like that. I'm sure he'll love it! :)
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