Favourite Band? Musician? Music Artist?

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  1. We all have our favourite music producers, singers, instrument players and such. Dont we? :p

    I have a couple favourites myself, but what are your favourites? Have you ever seen them in REAL LIFE? Bought their song? Shook their hand? SHARE YOUR DETAILS! :D

    My favourites include :
    Flo Rida ( Bought about 6 of his songs )
    Skrillex ( Bought about all of his songs )
    Nikki Minaj ( Bought 3 of her songs )
    Justin Beiber ( The only song I like from him is " As Long as You Love Me " ) Nuff' said
    Rihanna ( Bought about 5 of her songs )
    Black Eyed Peas ( Bought about 25 of their songs ) Wooo Go Peas!
    BassNectar ( Bought 3 of those songs )

    My favourite songs include :
    Whistle, by Flo Rida
    Bangarang, by Skrillex
    Super bass, Turn me on, by Nikki Minaj
    The Time, Don't Stop the Party, Just Can't Get Enough, Pump it, by Black Eyed Peas
    Where have you been, by Rihanna
    as Long as You Love me, by Justin Beiber
    Promises, by Nero
    Lights (Bassnecter), by BassNectar

    What are YOUR favourites?
  2. Titanium was by Rihana? Its from Sia And David Guetta lol
  3. :confused: lol oops
  4. Its the only song thats addicting to boys from Justin Beiber :p

  5. Look at title, nuff said
  6. Must.... not.... do.... it
    Must.... not... THE BEATLES!

    Favourite songs:

    The End
    Abbey Road Medley (Not really a song, but a group of songs)
    Helter Skelter
    Tomorrow never knows
    Within in you without you
    Get back
    A day in the life

    And more.
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  7. I was waiting for you, and your Beatleness.
  8. I thought I was the only man in the world who likes Titanium :oops:
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  9. Your not alone. I like Titanium from the beat, and the lyrics.
  10. Would YouTube bands count? And favorite singer:good time so that also mean I like owl city. Flo ride whistle, and also usher love ALL of his song!!!!!! And also viva la vida and I talk more if I can remember more
  11. Iknow this song is really old but NRWHALS NARWHALS
  12. Who doesnt like Gangman Style!?


    This is all a lie and dont listen to it . . .
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  13. I hate 99% of the music played on the radio. I like Somebody That I Use to Know, and Pumped up Kicks. But my favorite musicians are Coldplay, Josh Groban, and Guns n Roses.
  14. The most I listen to:
    EDIT: too lazy to put a song for all

    Bring Me The Horizon+

    Asking Alexandria+

    Escape the Fate+
    Black Veil Brides+
    Falling in Reverse+

    Then some Mood music..

    Skrillex(Like before the mainstream shit like it is now)
    Chris Brown
    Black Eyed Peas
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  15. My favorite musicians are Daft Punk, deadmau5, Skrillex, Zedd, Madeon, and Sudanim.
    My fav. Songs are:
    Face to Face: Daft Punk
    Moar Ghost N Stuff: deadmau5
    Banagarang: Skrillex
    Spectrum: Zedd
    Finale: Madeon
    Growing: Sudanim
    Paperback Writer: Beatles
  16. Oh and the Hives: Go right ahead
  17. I basically get the bulk of my music through YouTube, so all my favorite artists are from there, but even then, it's mostly just a song or two.
  18. Go on YouTube and search "bacon pancakes" and click the first oneI
  19. OMG O_O