Favorite "Old" Feature

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  1. This thread is simple. State your favorite post-2013 EMC feature.

    I'll start.

    I really enjoyed /fun because it used the honor system to make people clean up.
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  2. /fun is still there...

    For me it has to be the lack of wastelands. It made it difficult to find minerals which in turn did not inflate the economy.
  3. My favorite old feature? Maxarias. :(
  4. I loved it when the flag system wasn't so complicated. As far as the flags go, I feel like there is a joy in simplicity.
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  5. Netherhound eggification.
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  6. Just making sure: you are aware of the chest interface? /res cset & /res cpset <name>? It's still a large collection of flags, but the GUI can help you find the right one (and shows the functionality).
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  7. When Utopia wasn't covered all over in iron farms.. o3o
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  8. Of course I am. ;)
    I still find it to be kind of a mess, it was so much easier to keep track of when there were a total of four flags.
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  9. i just had a blonde moment, i though you meant like national flags :confused:
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  10. I Liked when JustinGuy came on, hehe. and yes he came on, he gave me my spawn reses lol.
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  11. Equality.
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  12. *looks at signature* surrree

    pre-dragon tombs days. I didn't have to wait for Dragon Tombs back then.
  13. Less drama. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a soap opera. :rolleyes:

    To be serious, I would have to say the death events. Although I haven't attended many, it still probably holds the spot for my favorite event.
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  14. I joined in like 2012, and we were waiting for Dragon Tombs back then as well.. Only back then, it was mostly discussions and not actual developments.. xD