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  1. I'm on my Ipad and was searching through apps but couldn't find any. So I came on EMC To ask you what your favorite app is (OPTIONAL) what would you rate your favorite app and why?
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  2. Minecraft! But 3 stars beacuse you can almost nothing on it.
  3. Uhh...
    Instagram, Facebook App.. 11/10
    Games; I got a few I don't use them no more, the most I think it was Zenonia4.
  4. Infectonator is fun too.
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  5. Contract killer 2 is a good fps game and bloons tower defense4 is just clasic awesome.
  6. I've played bloom and try contract :)
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  7. Tried them :)
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  8. The SHUT UP! app by Smosh.
    I would rate it 5/5.
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  9. Any good? Also try tiny tower.
  10. wipeout
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  11. I recommend watching jojopetv's channel on youtube, he has a "Best free apps of the day" series that i watch a lot that helps me find good apps :D


    and My favorite app is Order & Chaos :D. It's just like Wow

    and a GOOD FPS game on the app store is Modern Combat 3 & 4 xD. They look very nice on the ipod/iphone/ipad :D
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  12. Clash of clans is really fun 5 stars because of the online stuff
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  13. Jeptpack joyride is also fun.
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  15. I love that app!
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  16. Dont remeber what it's called its that ski app. Help me here guys
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  17. Ski safari?
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  18. i pway angewy biwds
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