Father's day

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  1. This might be in the miscellaneous section? Thanks for posting this thread. :)
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  2. Can anyone tell me some simple ideas for a gift I might get for my father?
    Need something quick.
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  3. Wow, last minute much?
    Maybe a mug? A best dad mug xD
  4. A card? :p
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  5. A card, Mug, think about the simple day by day things he uses or that are favorite to him and match it to some hobby of his and buy something in reference to that? ex. his favorite sports team themed clothing mug or other items maybe.
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  6. Anyone who has a father: cherish him. You only get one father, and you are very lucky to have one. Let your father know how much you care about him this Father's Day :)
  7. This is tough :/ I hadn't even realised it was father's day... ; - ;
    I do wish all your fathers a happy day, though.

    When he does housework like doing the dishes or preparing dinner, you should also help him :)
  8. Happy Father's Day all !! And don't forget your step fathers they love you also. (Even if they seem like jerks )
  9. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and the single mothers out there. Have a great day. :)
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  10. Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there!!!
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