[Event] Gettin' Fishy With X!

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  1. Fishing party!

    Hey all! I'm having a fishing party on my second res this Sunday, at 8PM EMC time. It will be on SMP2, at /v 3472. I'll have as many fishing rods available for free as I can. It doesn't have an end time, you can stay for a few minutes or several hours if you want.

    Remember, all trees can be climbed. Not all paths are obvious, though! Enderpearl flag is on, but firework flag will be off to avoid lag issues.

    If you have any questions, let me know!
  2. I'll be visiting my dad for Father's Day, but I will TRY to make it back for this =)
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  3. Ha Get down

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  4. Whooot, will there be water buckets in this one too?
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  5. How does one fish?
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  6. Yeah, I know it's on Father's Day, but I plan on having this be a regular Sunday night thing.
  7. They need to be holy water
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  8. I will do my best to avoid drowning players this time.
  9. Did you see Clan23's post? Do that.
  10. Well if he can do it....

    I think i can :p
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  11. Well you see...

    You arrange 4 wooden planks in a square. Make sure you use a compass to ensure the angles are at 90 degrees. Then you chant the ancient Song of the Sea while throwing fish into the center of the square. Preferably all of these fish must be named 'You are my wife now!'. Then you wait while Triton determines if your offering is worthy. He then grants you the special red/white ball that you tie to the end of a string, attach to a stick, then throw it into the water. It sends out radar signals that tell all the fish to come near in order to form a fish party. Then when a fish gets a bit feisty and decides to eat the special ball, you'll see it disappear under the surface really fast. Because this fish disobeyed the party rules and committed a party foul, you then remove it from the fish party by pulling back on your stick. That fish is not worthy to dance, but he does make a pretty good meal...
  12. Is this where we will be fishing?

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  14. If you catch this, I will start coming......

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  15. Hmmm I might be able to come.....it depends on if my plans change :p Also, fish hate me -.- xD
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  16. The effort actually amazes me :3
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  17. Just like on mumble, keep hitting us wih those funny pictures and videos!
  18. Are you going to make out with that fish clan23?
  19. How long did it take you to come up with that?