Faster way to alert mods

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  1. I think we need a faster way to alert mods. Like a special code like /alert or /mod because /report can take a little while to be seen, PMing a mod on the forums might be too long if your wild base is getting griefed. Just something to use for urgent emergencies.

    Maybe someone has a better idea? I just felt that we could use something like this.
  2. /report is sent to square, and is sent to an online moderator's 'Urgent Messages' box.

    /report is the fastest you're going to get.
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  3. I suppose, but think about a PvP situation. Will the victim have time to type a report? I'm sure most of us would like to not get killed. This can help slower typers as well.
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  4. If there was a faster way then /report. Than everyone would use it. and it would go back to being what you call as slow. The only reason why /report may take a bit, is because of just the sheer number of reports they get from every server. It takes a bit to sift through them all. If your base is getting griefed, always take pictures. It allows the problem to be solved faster. After you take pictures confront the person, they will most likely log out thinking they weren't caught.
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  5. There is an Official Empire Minecraft IRC Channel that you can go to that most of the mods are on at all times, although I don't know how afk they are. Just get an IRC client and join the channel #emc on I'm sure if you need help quicker you can ask for help there.

    Other than an urgent emergency, the /report way is the way to go. ;)

    EDIT: I wouldn't use the IRC chat ALL the time for that though! (I'd use it only if it was an emergency.) It's mostly just for anybody to chat on and have fun. I think that everybody using it for reports would defeat the purpose of /report.
  6. Oh. Neat. I think this might be a good way.:)
  7. Seems like a amazing idea to me.
  8. 100% accurate. Also, we have got to sort through a number of....less than accurate reports.

    The report system IS instantaneous. I don't think it gets any faster...or better. I'm moderating right now, @17000 ft en route from Vegas to Charlotte.
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  9. Hmm, you got this from my post eh?
  10. No…? I wasn't aware you posted something like this.
  11. On the other thread about griefing and pvp, I said something about this, but this is a good idea.
  12. Oh. I must have missed your post. Thanks. :)
  13. .... faster...?

    Would you like my cell phone number?
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  14. That would probably be slower for me - lol.
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  15. Whatever. It was just an idea. Sheesh.
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  16. How about telegraph line
    .-. . .--. --- .-. - / -.-. .... .. -.-. -.- -. . . .-. / ..-. --- .-. / -... . .. -. --. / .... .. -- ... . .-.. ..-. here's a link
  17. haha.. i was not trying to be harsh :p. I was just racking my brain for a way to deliver news to us faster. I mean.. were you here before the report system? Moderators just had to deal with things when they happened, we could only deal with screenshots, or be online. Now, we do not even have to log into the game for most things. And the report system simply knocks down what would take a full staff online 24/7 to respond to, to the ability for a rag tag team of misfits.. er.. I mean.. just a small bunch of us to respond as quickly as we can.
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  18. On a sidenote: For PVP situations it's best to log out, contact a moderator and when they're banned you can log back in. :) Or you could use an alt. to go to the location and remove lava, ect.
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  19. and... in all seriousness. I will post my cell phone number right now for all american players if you guys really think that would help the issue. I am here for you guys. I volunteered for this job just like the rest of us. If you REALLY think it would help I would put my personal cell phone number here. It might have come off as sarcastic (kinda meant to) but I really do mean it.
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  20. How dare you!

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