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  1. Hello there! Shadow_Bunny13 and I have finally decided on a plan to stick with for our building to showcase our skills at building before we officially open Bunny Co. (probably change the name later :p)

    Combining our residences with our good friend, awesome2711's residence, we now have a huge canvas to create our Fantasy Fortress thing. Obviously the theme is fantasy, and once complete, it will be a fortress. We are only a small amount of the way through, but we are confident that we are doing well.

    The complete project will have two castles, a mountain, multiple floating islands, a farm, plenty of pretty towers and a huge dam.

    Please support us in our endeavors for building perfection! Not really, but even if you don't have spare rupees, positive feedback is always nice! We'll have a board of donors included in our completed project, and we might even create a private room for you in the castle ;)

    Residence can be found at 3428 on SMP2.

    Now enough rambling, here's what you're actually looking for, pictures!
    2013-09-17_22.09.19.png 2013-09-17_22.09.35.png 2013-09-17_22.09.56.png 2013-09-17_22.12.21.png 2013-09-17_22.13.15.png b0qsVAG.jpg 2013-09-17_22.12.35.png

    A preemptive thanks for your support!

    - sideshowallie and shadow_bunny13

    Ladblo - 10k
    607 - 10k
    Antecedency - 2.5k
    vividOptimism - Building Materials
    Palmsugar - Building Materials
    bel10bel - Building Materials

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  2. Looks great. Resource / texture pack? What supplies do you need? What smp and res number?
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  3. Thanks! ^-^
    Resource packs: Faithful Pack and Conquest.
    Basically, just smooth stone, oak and spruce logs and vines.
    Smp2, res numbers 3427, 3428, 3515 and 3516.
  4. Give me access to a double chest.
  5. Sure thing, I'll have it set up on our storage residence, 3515
  6. Love the epic planning picture :D Will drop off some supplies for you too :) Good luck!
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  7. Thanks :)
  8. Looks amazing! So its all going to be in medieval style?

    Also, I would like to support you guys for this project, so... await for some donation :)

    Good luck! (I hope to see more pics/progress later) :D
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  9. Thanks to all the people who made donations! They're always handy and encourage us two to stop being lazy and work xD

    I'll post more pictures as the project proceeds :)
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  10. Some progress today, but not as much as we had hoped for. We're a bit stumped on the design of a large tower, as it needs to fit the theme.
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  11. Maybe you could throw in a square tower to mix things up a bit. Square base and top with a circular midsupport.

    Looking excellent so far though, i'll be sure to pay you a visit when im next online.
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  12. Thanks!
    We'll give the square tower a go. ^-^
  13. Looks awesome! Keep up the good work :D Also did you know you can pay to edit the pathway? I'm not sure if the two res's on the sides of the path have to be both yours or if you just have to get consent from the other res, but I am pretty sure you are able to edit the path if you guys wanted to so you could complete the structure.
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  14. Yup, we're just going to complete the reses before we do the pathway and biome change in case we decide to make last minute changes ;)
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  15. (As I'm known to make last minute changes) xD
  16. This looks really cool!
    I remember a friend, Rabidbunny my friend IRL helped you build the castle.
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  17. He helped him build a castle in real life? XD
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  18. I donated 10 thousand rupees to sideshowallie:)
  19. Sweet! Thank you very much ^-^
  20. Yeah, he helped out with the old castle (thread for the abandoned project) but I didn't hear from him again or catch him online since. :/