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  1. Hey guys! I'm shadow_bunny13 of smp2. I'm here to announce that I am tearing down this project in order to have a fresh start. The castle was just way too big and boring and I feel like starting all over.

    I have considered starting a YouTube series based on building somewhat of a fantasy theme on my res, teaching building and terraforming techniques for a fantasy theme.

    If all goes as planned and I actually get off my lazy backside and support the server and get gold, the BunnyCo! business will open up for all and I will potentially record the process of building on a customer's res or showcase the finished project on a video.

    Anyway, the main reasons I have decided to tear it all down and start again is because of a lack of inspiration to continue the build, it was just getting too plain looking, hardly dressed up at all, and because I wanted to get back into terraforming and because the castle took up the space of my whole residence, I couldn't really do any of that.
    -also, I'm tearing it down, not clearing it because I don't see any reason to going out to get resources when I already have all the materials I need ;)

    I'll try to be more active around here now, and when I finish tearing it all down, I will create a new thread for the new project.


    Just a quick thing before I go...
    I am currently looking for at least one more member of my 'mini build team', if you are interested please PM me.


    -for the sake of nostalgia-

    I have kept a few photos of what I had planned for the original project to look like:



    I called this progress D: (beginning of the project)

    (sideshowallie, has supplied photos more of what it used looked like until about a week ago now when I started taking it down.)

    Thanks for stopping by!!
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  2. Sounds cool. Keep it up and I might invest in you ;)
  3. Might? ;)
  4. 2013-03-01_22.45.56.png
    Ehm, wasn't this what happened at the end of the griefing party? :p
    Mumble 5 life.
  5. Pretty much... :p Were you watching the live stream?
  6. Mumble 5 lyfe.
  7. Why is everyone saying mumble??? :confused:
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  8. It's a social program that EMC uses to connect via voice chat. The people that were saying "mumble rep" or "mumble 4 life" were on, talking to a bunch of us. :)
  9. Thank you for clearing that up.
  10. *bump* :p
    Anyway... I would like to know what some of you would consider a fair price per half hour for:
    A. General structure construction.
    B. Terraforming.
    C. Player statues.
    D. Decoration and extensions of exiting structures.
    E. Redstone contraptions.
  11. Bump again :/
    Is this tread really that boring?
  12. No its not boring, but from what youve said/shown, you will be very busy a long time with your own project :)
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  13. Very true, Shadow is still building his residence at the moment and has a long way to go before he can go out of his way to start sculpting other buildings.

    A. 250r
    B. 250r
    C. 250r
    D. 250r
    E. 400r

    Or I'd pay that anyway
  14. Right, so the castle looks epic right now, SB13 just hasn't updated the thread yet. So I will. If you wish to see it for yourself, remember that it is res #3428 on SMP2. The best reses to see it from are:


    2013-06-22_18.16.58.png 2013-06-22_18.17.07.png 2013-06-22_18.17.20.png 2013-06-22_18.17.41.png 2013-06-22_18.18.20.png 2013-06-22_18.18.37.png 2013-06-22_18.18.47.png

    EDIT: It looks nothing like the prototype because SB13 changes his mind very easily. Make sure you give him a solid build idea.
  15. Just a final bump. I'll create a new thread soon, I just thought that updating the old one would put it in with the 'recent activity'
    ... but it didn't -_-
  16. It should :I
  17. but it didn't :(
  18. Editing posts will not. But feel free to bump your post to do that.
  19. I remember this res! It was quite big, but the interior was too ugly :p
  20. Yeah, he never gets far enough to do the interior, he just rips it down again. At least the basement looks nice xD