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  1. Selling Edits of any kind, preferred if you DM'd me on my Instagram for edits ( )

    All prices are 100 rupees no matter of who or of what they are.

    Add ons are extra, but I can do about anything you want.
  2. Can you post some of your work?
  3. Have you confirmed with staff that this service is legal? :)
  4. There shouldn't be anything illegal with this service. You DM the Instagram account I listed and we'll discuss what edit you want. That and it does not use any money outside EMC.
  5. Honestly, the ruling is very confusing.
    This is what the wiki says about it:
    This is not a real world item nor used on EMC forums per se, so it's unclear whether it's allowed or not.
  6. Clarification for that note, it's not a real-world item. No shipping to addresses, nothing of those sorts. It's just a avatar in a sorts, as I said an edit of a photo.