Falsly Suicidal Claims

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  1. I'm seeing this a lot in town chat lately, people who say that because Player1 took away some perm of Player2 wont un-ignore them, then someone is going to kill themselves.

    The only way to treat this is that the person is serious. It gets harder when other players who have experience with suicide, from either a friend or family member, or a failed attempt themselves, start to argue with the person, believing that they are begging for attention.

    If you really are feeling suicidal, please, PLEASE say something to someone. Talk it out. There was an interview from a man who jumped from some bridge, and he said that on the way down, he realized that all of his problems were completely solvable, except having just jumped off of a bridge.

    And if you're just having a bad day, please don't falsely claim suicidal tendencies to get attention. I've seen it probably a dozen times on the server. At the very least, it brings up painful memories to those who have lost. At the very worst, a player who hasn't spoken up, but is watching from the sidelines and has been contemplating killing themselves may see how others treat these cries, and feel even more hopeless.

    Again, if you're suicidal, I'm absolutely begging you to tell someone. I guarantee if you PM me, I'll listen.

    1 (800) 273-8255
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    For those outside of the U.S:

  2. Although I have never seen anyone state that they're going to commit suicide in EMC's chat, I still believe that this is an important topic to bring up. If you have even the slightest suicidal thought, I GREATLY encourage you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

    Suicide is not a joke.
  3. Suicide is not funny. Please do not make suicide threats even if they are a joke. If you are talking about suicide, you are also talking about death.
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  4. *stuck in the wild and cant find my way back, grabs phone 1-800-273-8255* "hi, can you help me get back to the outpost?" "I'm sorry what" "nevermind, I don't need your crap." /suicide
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  5. That was dark, was it not?
    I probably shouldn't have chuckled at that, but I'm going to hell anyway... :rolleyes:

    On a more serious note:
    It's precisely because of all the attention-seeking crap that it's damn near impossible to tell when someone's actually being serious. The worst of it is, pulling those kind of stunts means you're potentially putting someone else's life at risk because you cried "Wolf," and so no one believes the next person when they're being serious.
  6. I minecraft suicide if im lost in the wild =/ #SoooOftopic
  7. I've seen this far too much aswell. A lot does seem like it's for attention but you can of course never assume that right off the bat. It's sad that people resort to this so quickly these days. I don't think some people know how serious the matter is.
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  8. I don't wabt to sound like I know a lot about the topic but sadly shit happens in life and I've seen a lot (not saying other people haven't) I'm not trying to argue with anything that anyone's saying but is it okay if we keep this thread serious? You might not mean anything by talking about /suicide and killing yourself in a game but certain 'jokes' or 'funny comments' But to a lot of people including myself if you haven't noticed this is a very scary and sensitive topic. I don't want to go into detail as a lot of its personal and not just about me.

    At the end of the day we're here for anyone that needs help and I can say from the deepest depths of my heart that friends are the best people in the world. You can tell them anything. I've been to different 'help clinics' they're shit to be quite honest with you. So just keep all this in mind. Treat others as they would like to be treated as a fellow player once said. I wish you all the happiest life you can live.
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  9. I have seen this before. When someone pretended they killed themselves and it was their brother. The girl who cried for 10 minutes because her friend "died" came to me for help. Caden was on so I called a group meeting and we got it all cleared up. The same 3 girls who want to kill themselves are very nice people, and I would hate to see them die. I won't mention any names since they are on forums. But it is really scary how I have to be involved with this, and I understand it perfectly well, I give good advice, and I give them that NSPL phone number and website. So far I have heard of 3 attempted suicide, excluding Daniel from Cyndago, which I am still sad about :(. I mean, why would you want to put a blade through yourself anyway? To see an afterlife that is not physically proven and may not be real? Or maybe they don't want to see the light of day again, but then when they go and put a blade to themselves they stop and say 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't. I hate life but I don't wanna die. My family would be upset". So then they consult and adult, and they get helped out pretty well.
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  10. Most of the time, if someone does actually attempt to commit suicide, they've been pushed so far without anyone to talk too and they feel it's the only option to getting out of their situation or stopping the pain that they've been feeling for so long.

    I've seen this far too much in the town chat, coming from the same group of people every single time.

    Either way, if they are lying or not, it shouldn't be in town chat. If you see it, tell them to start a conversation with you if you want to hear about it, because I doubt most of the people in the town chat want to hear some kids throwing the words "Suicide" and "Killing Myself" around likes it doesn't mean a damn thing.
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  11. Suicide is not a joke nor funny. It is simply killing yourself and we dont want to hear it no more. It's sad and I just say to all the people saying there gonna kill thereselfs think twice because you making others sad and your making yourself look bad so think twice. Or really get some help.
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  12. And i lost a cousin she was 18 she was getting bullyed so much she just.. well.. you know :'(
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  13. @Everyone saying "Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline",

    It's not that simple, if they're feeling so alone and down that they're contemplating suicide, they are past the point where they want to talk too someone or even trust someone. Talking to a stranger over the phone isn't going to help the situation unless they're in an early stage of depression, the best thing that they could do or their family/friends could do is try to ease into the discussion instead of bombarding them with it. I've spoken to a lot of people who have used the hotline, and they said it didn't really help them and that they were still feeling the same way afterwards.

    If you are contemplating suicide, TALK TO YOUR FAMILY OR CLOSE FRIENDS.
  14. What he said, or you could call the suicide hotline where they have professionals that deal with this every day
  15. I was once told that suicide is being a 'selfish a-hole who doesn't care about other people's feelings and thinks that nothing will ever get better, but it will'. 2-3 years on, I have never been so glad I took a few words from this person into consideration and listened to them. I'm not saying everyone who wants to kill themselves should listen to this (the 'selfish a-hole' bit doesn't apply to everyone), but it helped me enough, so I just thought I'd put that out there. It also helps to take the mick of your situation to other people and in your head.
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  16. After 3 attempts myself, Luckily I'm better at building things in minecraft then at suicide.

    That was a suicide joke, it's completely true but still formatted in a manner as to convey humor or make light of the situation. There is nothing off limits from humor. everything is open game. Humor is the best medicine they say, the harder something is to laugh at the more it needs to be laughed at.

    That said, self created drama, false/casual comments about killing oneself or the desire to do so Should be expected to cause blow back, even if intended as humor.

    If you openly talk about suicide, making attempts at it, or just as a general topic of conversation you are seeking attention. People who are afraid they may do it, may do/say things in an attempt to seek help, consciously or subconsciously. People that need to be the center of attention may do/say things to garner attention of any form, good bad indifferent. Their Narcissism preventing them from seeing/caring that the topic line they choose to get attention from may or may not be something one should make false claims about. Then there are those that just don't want to be here anymore, can't take "it" one more minute. The Nike Suicide squad, they Just do it. Or attempt it.

    insert rant here, add joke about taboo subject, fail to get your point across, post.
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  17. I always thought that the selfish a-hole argument was one of the most selfish a-hole thought processes I'd ever encountered lol.

    your suicide would inconvenience the people around you, that'd just be rude. How much more important than me are you that you're feelings matter more than mine? :p
    it's all in how you look at it. it's all perspective.

    Just because you don't get the joke, doesn't mean it wasn't a joke.
  18. I haven't seen anyone say they were going to kill themselves in the EMC chat, and I haven't thought about killing myself, but I still do have bad memories relating to suicide. In 5th grade, one of my friends (yes, this was a 5th grader) killed himself. At first I was denying it, and I would refuse to believe what everyone else said about it, but I quickly learned it was true when he never showed up to school again and even made the news. That kid was one of my better friends, and to this day, 6 years later, it still affects me. It's just that, back then, I was a really shy kid and didn't have many friends, so his death really affected me.
    Aside from that, suicide really isn't something you should even joke about. Other people around you never know if you're serious, and killing yourself really affects all the people around you. And as for my friend who killed himself in 5th grade, he was just gone without a word. Didn't say anything to anyone, so nobody was able to try to help. He was just gone one day.
  19. Thank you
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