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  1. Bethesda have put up a countdown over at http://fallout.bethsoft.com/. They're announcing Fallout 4, I'm assuming, ahead of their first E3 appearance.

    I can't contain my excitement right now <3
  2. My heart has been broken too many times over Fallout 4, I'm going to wait until E3 until I board the hype train.
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  3. I'm the same. But since this countdown is on Bethesda's official site and they've tweeted about it, I'm pretty sure this hype train will be 'the one'.
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  4. Slowly dying
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  5. I know man, Reddit exploded with the news lol
  6. I only found out when I went onto a Beth Blog post... never would have found out otherwise >.>
    (I've only been browsing r/asoiaf since yesterday :p)
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  7. Well I see I will now be buying a PS4 >.<
  8. The trailer is excellent <3333
  9. So words, much excite. :eek:
  10. Wow, I have never played a fallout game before but that trailer was amazing...

    How much playtime do you generally get out of a fallout game?
  11. I currently have 24 hours on Fallout 3, 100+ on Fallout: New Vegas (which I modded and then broke things and Steam never reinstalls it without the broken textures I have, so I don't play it anymore ;-; ), and I have well over 40+ on Fallout and Fallout 2.

    I'd say well over 300 hours from the base game, and if you include all of the 'expansion packs' (they're DLCs, but most way as well be expansions :p), at least 100 hours more from the games published by Bethesda. The ones published by Interplay... No idea. I'd imagine not as many as the ones Bethesda made, since they were made in the 90s and were much smaller and much more linear.
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  12. I don't have a PS4. I'm not buying a PS4 until something is more then worth the purchase. I'm buying a PS4. :D

    With mods or even without there are hours and hours of game play. Try Fallout 3 & New Vegas first. You'll see how great this game is.
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  13. I got rid of all my previous gen consoles and my computer hardly runs MC ;)

    Ill take your word on it, probably gonna get this for Xbone when it is out.
  14. In short: Vault tec (huge company) has build atomic shelters to "save humanity" and started to exploit these commercially ("Protect your family, reserve your place in a Vault-tec vault today" (not literal). And then all hell breaks lose. You basically play in a post-apocalyptic environment ("The wastelands", but not the mining type!) where you'll encounter all sorts of stuff. You'll discover cities, establishments, outposts, monsters, etc, etc.

    And the map is usually huge. And still jam packed with things to do and discover.

    In Fallout 3 you end up in vault 101 but due to circumstances need to leave it. You have thought all your life that living outside the vault was impossible because of the radiation. Well, that turns out to be wrong. And you'll also discover that those vaults were more than mere bomb shelters.

    In Fallout New Vegas they more or less pick up on the environment but instead of somewhere in the wastelands you play around, as the name implies, 'New Vegas'. One of the more prospering cities in the wastelands.

    Playing these games is a whole experience in itself. Especially because of the awesome environment in which everything is happening, the attention for detail is astonishing. And creepy... Walking around in the sewers / metro tunnels while knowing that you're surrounded by feral ghouls can be quite tense ;)

    I think I spend an easy 60 - 80 hours on Fallout 3 and a little less on New Vegas, but still within those regions. This is excluding DLC by the way. I did pick up several DLC for FO3 but also ran into a few issues on the PS3.

    And I still managed to discover stuff long after I had already finished the main storyline.
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  15. lol That's putting it nicely. Things got so bad that my PS3 was freezing and I was restarting every 20 mins. (Note this is not the game but the system) PS3 were not made for this game. PC doesnt have these issues and I dont think the PS4 will have these issues either.
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  16. A more extended version of the lore: Before the bombs dropped, the world was running out of resources (so much so that Fallout's version of the European Union, the European Commonwealth, occupied and invaded the Middle East to make sure they got more oil off them.). The world also never learned how to make machines smaller, so that just made stuff worse. Eventually, everyone started using nuclear energy! Things were good... then the US made a virus that allowed for things to mutate (Fallout 3's Super Mutants and Fallout's, Fallout 2's and Fallout: NV's nightkin were once human, the game's Deathclaws - giant, bipedal, strong monsters that can easily wipe out a group of armed people - were once geckos) and then that wiped out much of the world's population before being complete. Then China and the United States went to war with eachother, with China playing the role of 'evil commies', they used the virus in warfare, and eventually the US invaded and annexed Canada to let them repel the Chinese more easily. Eventually, someone launched a nuke, the world was like 'who fired that? Fire seven back!', and every country in the world was obliterated by nuclear war in just less than 2 hours :)

    Fallout pretty much tells the story of the warring tribes, the new nations that are forming, and the problems humanity is facing while trying to rebuild itself (such as the New California Republic, who model their country off pre-war United States, but they take small towns and stuff by force and the people don't really like that).

    Anyway: from the trailer, it looks like civilization is finally starting to rebuild itself (as in working power, proper cities, blahblahblah, not just small towns fighting over land with weird tribal-ish customs) - which is exciting. We learned in Fallout 3 that there were just a few years until plants could finally start growing everywhere again and the entire United States (possibly even the world) would be habitable once again. Fallout: NV was set, like, two years before this could happen. I'm pretty excited to see if this has indeed happened, and if Fallout's pre-war civilization has finally began to regain a foothold in the world.
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  17. Which series should I get into? Fallout or Skyrim?
  18. There is only one answer. Yes :)
  19. Well, seeing as Fallout is a series and Skyrim isn't... :rolleyes:

    You should get into both Fallout and The Elder Scrolls (the first two games are free, Morrowind and Oblivion are super cheap, and Skyrim and its 'Legendary Edition' is frequently on sale on Steam). They're both amazing and they both offer huge open worlds with tons of places to explore, and they both have interesting lore. I tend to like Fallout lore the most, but that might just be because in many respects, nuclear war and resources running out is quite a real possibility in the present day :p
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  20. If you play the DLC's before the main story line (other than one of them, obviously), you can avoid a lot of crashing and freezing. At least, that worked for me several times.:p