Fake/Renamed Heads question..

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  1. Not sure if this is where I should post this but how can I tell if a head is renamed/fake or if it's real? I have a ton of mob/player heads and I decided to put em all in my vault so I can move them and I noticed that some of my slime heads and pigmen heads don't stack with others o.o that must mean they're renamed right? but how can I tell which ones are the real ones? D:
  2. Mob heads are glitched, they stack and sometimes not. About players, if the name of it is in italic, it got renamed and it is probably fake, especially if the head got an important member's skin. (but some people rename heads to make their name viewable on item frames)

    The mob heads tho, have ''[mobname] Head'' in italic too, the only way to know if its real is to farm it yourself I guess.

    Hope this little info can help you.
  3. If a player head's name is in italics, it's renamed.
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  4. Mob heads not stacking is normal sometimes. I've found that a slime you get now will not stack with another slime head you get maybe a month later. It's like there's a time frame where they can be stacked with others. They are all still real ones and can be sold in shops, etc, they just don't stack.
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  5. ^ :)

    Also, sometimes, for some reason mob heads don't stack, but they're still real. Don't know why this happens, but it does quite often for me. Sometimes it'll be fixed over time, but also sometimes not.
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  6. Also /itemhistory can show you the rename history of an item.
  7. thanks everyone!!
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  8. Why did I not know that command existed? :p Is there an awesome list somewhere that shows all these cool commands? :)
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  9. It was in a recent update (in the last 12 months), but it should be on the commands.emc.gs page
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  10. You can also see by putting it in an anvil and clearing its name, then if you hover over the output slot it will show what its natural name it ;)
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  11. ooooo thanks :) ...i did check all my mob heads and they're not renamed :D they just don't all stack
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  12. Another thing about mob heads... If they don't stack then dumping them in your /vault and taking them out again sometimes works as well. Another very good solution (at least it worked for me): trade with friends. I'm not saying selling or such, but exchanging. I've had mob heads which refused to stack with my collection, but worked just fine with some heads of my alt. So I exchanged it.
    After all our hard work on the wiki, so sad to read this ;)

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  13. This doesn't seem to work anymore. Even 2 different 2015 Headless Horseman Masks that were 100% unused wouldn't stack together.
  14. I'll be honest, but I've never really read the wiki... :oops: I guess I should do it once, when I have a lot of time ;)