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  1. Just thought that I would create this thread as the home of all things facepalm-worthy
    I'll start with the quote that inspired to this thread in the first place;
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    Thought that was worthy.
  4. When you are so comfortable that you forget something and it really inconveniences you to do something.
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    Thought this would go well with the current events happening in America right now.
  6. If this is for anything and not just EMC, one I have is the songs in Legend of Zelda. Playing Spirit Tracks and just learned a song that is two notes. I was all happy because that meant "Oh hey that's simple...but a two note song?" Link played back this nice long multi-harmony song.
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  7. Story worthy of it:
    A few minutes ago, I was telling my brother: These forums are so inactive now while looking at the EMC forums, and he asked "What forums" while staring right at my computer.
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  8. Was it the song of awakening?
  9. Yeah it was.
    Two notes, then breaks into a huge multipart song.
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  10. This is a text conversation I had with a friend:
    Him: Guess where I am.
    Me: Home.
    Him: No.
    Me: Warming center?
    Him: What's a Warning Center?
    Me: I give up.
    Him: Home.

    See? Two facepalm moments.
  11. Hehe, funny :p
  12. When he asked what a Warming Center was, I would have said YOUR MOM. I hate when people say Guess Where I am! and they're not anywhere interesting.
  13. When a someone asks a stupid question, than I like it to say something 'clever'. Haha
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  14. When people put so much effort and money into a sugercane farm when they grow it on sand!

    Passage from the Wiki:

    It is often mistaken that Sugar Cane grows faster on sand.
  15. I'd probably guess that's because most of the time I find sugarcane for some reason, it's growing in a desert. OR Somehow magically next to a block of ice.
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  16. Yeah xD
  17. Another thing I don't understand is why they bother doing it on a server... The TPI could change the growth rate and they might grow whilst your offline anyway ;)
    FINAL STATEMENT: Growing Sugar Cane on sand even if it did actually grow faster is pointless!
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  18. Just thought of one. I once helped this person who wanted to build a hotel. I spent my time helping them by holding their stuff, helped them build the thing, decorated it etc. TWO DAYS LATER:

    Person: Who would like to help me make a Spleef arena!? WE NEED SPLEEF!
    Me: Is that going next to the Hotel?
    Person: Pandas, sad news....the Hotel burned down today.

    So I and others helped dig out the arena and build it.

    *Logs on two days later*
    Person: Anyone want to help me build a beach? I need lots and lots of sand.
    Me: Uh...you can get sand in the wild. Did you decide to build a beach around your Spleef arena?
    Person: Oh no, I burned that down today and collected the insurance money to build my beach.
  19. This isn't really face palm, but just XD
    Oh, and while I was uploading this, the code I had to write: Slender man is slender. Wonderful.
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