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  1. Hello everyone, Demon here with something to say.
    I got facebook. I had known it for a long time but never got into it. So I decided to start!

    I am 13 years old yes.

    I am Avi Schiffmann.

    I shall try and be very active and all. I think you call follow people? Or something like that.

    Also, I will give link after 2 replys to my account.


  2. Wait, I thought you were 10?
  3. Haha, no. I was 12 this year but in a few days I turn 13 ;)
  4. Avi am such a sweet name...
  5. Just a heads up that anyone in the world can view this thread and figure out your IRL name, I recommend you PM your friends you want to add.
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  6. Yeah, Facebook is more personal and real-life based than something like a gaming forum. I wouldn't post a link, it's really unlikely that anything bad would happen, but you don't know a lot of the people that might send you a friend request so it's not as personal.

    That being said, if you're close to someone on here, add them privately. :D
  7. Nope. You weren't. You were 10. Trust me.
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  8. Either this or this you?
  9. Yeah, I recall him saying he was 10, too.
  10. I don't know where you saw that. I WAS 10 a while ago but I never really wanted to say my name.
    I had known in advance that I was giving out my name.
    Wow, most of the threads I have made, people found the negative things to say. All I want is to make some friends on it. My god
  11. Giving out your Facebook online can let all the wrong people find it. It's nothing personal, we just want you to know how to keep safe.

    You joined six months ago. That's...legit.
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  12. Well Demon I am 14 and I'm Tyler Sumpter add me I live near cleveland, Texas
  13. Alright will do! First one to really reply to this thread on topic
  14. Yeahya I'm on fb right now also. Profile pick is Me in a black polo standing next to a tall guy in red polo and he is in glasses
  15. I don't recommend you do this but I suppose it's up to you. Although something bad is very unlikely to happen, being 13, giving out your name and being new to Facebook and not really knowing how to use Facebook isn't the greatest of combinations. I see Facebook more as a thing to use with real life friends than over the internet friends (unless you know them really well and you can trust them, of course there are some exceptions as I have 2 EMC friends on Facebook, but I don't go adding half of EMC :p) Don't take this the wrong way because I don't want to sound too negative, I just thought I would give you my advice. :)
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  16. I have a friend from EMC on fb and now maybe Demon but i know what im doing. Thank you for looking out for all the members on this thread.
  17. Werent thathard to find Demon wow.
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  18. Meh. Why not. Name is Kirigaya Kazuto on Facebook (no, seriously.) Profile pic is this. Be sure to send me a PM both on here and on Facebook so I know who you are. ;)
  19. Is this ur cover photo?