FAA Minecraft Airport Design Challenge

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  1. If any of you is a kid in K-12, or has a kid in K-12 that plays Minecraft, and you're interested in aviation, this challenge might be for you


    Airport Design Challenge Enrollment Begins April 1, 2023
  2. I looked at all the info and videos. It looks like a really fun project for kids. I wish there was STEM when I was in school.
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  3. Shared it with my lil cousin who wants to be an engineer! Ty for sharing
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  4. That sounds like a cool project, thanks for sharing!
    I thought 'K-12' was a specific grade in school, and was confused why it would be so restrictive... it actually appears to mean anyone in primary or secondary education, though, which is rather non-restrictive! I wonder if they have different age categories, as I don't think a 5 year old would compete with an 18 year old very well in a contest such as this one. :p
  5. I believe it is a challenge and not a competition. The FAA has come up with an interesting way to get kids to think of choosing aviation as a career path. The models designed by the students have to meet certain criteria such as adequite lighting, accesability features, etc. Also, the statement about allowing students to explore their local airport kind of hints at it already being buit in Minecraft.

    Does EMC have an airport? I've seen planes and parts of an aircraft carrier but no runway or tower.
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  6. That sounds like a job for Ancient Tower
    although arguably there is a space port at smp3’s gecko’s farm
  7. Breezyman built one somewhere in town for learning to fly with an elytra. I don't remember where, but I have visited it
  8. Ah, you're right! :) That's cool. :D