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  1. Hi, it's me again.

    I noticed that there are several flags like pvp, piston, regenerate, monsters and such things that are existing, cause you can see them when you do /res info, but you can't change them.

    Now my question is: When you are supporter, do you have acces to that flags too? That would be cool, cause you are then able to create a mob arena for example, where you don't regenerate health.
  2. Those flags are there because they come with the basic Bukkit protection plugs. The only ones that normal players/supporters/moderators can use on EMC are build, destroy, use, container, move and breed which was an additional flag that Aikar added with entcount. TNT is a diamond only flag, which allows TNT to explode.

    I know that adding flags causes quite a lot of lag, as the server has to detect the flags that a player has true/false for.

    As for allowing players to create mob arenas, not regenerate health; I think that we should only have 1 - our official mob arena events. This would also mean monsters could spawn in town, which once again, would result in more lag and most likely ruin the whole "town" experience.. :)
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  3. It can be abused if players have those flags toggled , for instance they can turn on mobs in the residence and turn off health regeneration and kill innocent players within town. So that's a big no no. Good for some ideas but in all they will be abused
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  4. These flags, no. However, when EMC Residence gets updated, a whole host of sub flags will appear (such as diode and enchant). Right now, there's the ability to control these in the universal container/use flags. It might be a nice supporter perk to allow supporters to individually activate there subflags.
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  5. Yes I like your thinking. Like I want to give someone use for doors and buttons but I don't want them messing with my diodes. It would be nice if these types of sub flags could be toggled for supporter use
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