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  1. *Insert Fancy banner here*

    Good day/evening. I'm here to showcase a game that I've been working on, it's a top down RPG game that's story driven to keep the player interested and engaged until the final scene. From beginning to end I hope you will enjoy the several dozens of side quests we've added not just for the sake of having them but each have a small story or fun interactions within them.

    *Character Selection*

    I've already got close to 100 hours into this game alone (had to restart from my current one due to corrupted files). However I feel as if this will be much, much better than my last thanks to your amazing feedback. I've already got about 50+ hours into this, and thanks to previous mistakes/experiments it'll be bigger and better than the other.


    You have a choice...

    Will you be the talented and deadly soldier, Jordan?

    Perhaps you'd rather be the Scoundrel and street ratty, Mira?

    Or maybe the outcast and powerful Witch, Lucy?

    Would you rather be a sniper and agile Marksman like, Ivan?

    Or even the smooth and suave Cleric, Maurice?

    Last but not least we have the shield of her people the Crusader, Gennifer.

    Caskaria provides you with a game made by a dedicated developer who wishes to bring you an adventure similar to actual RPGs while keeping the nostalgic feel that I had when growing up. There's hundreds of abilities across several classes, thousands of unique items, and characters.

    I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

    Any and all criticism, suggestions, and reviews are welcomed in the comments. Please report any bugs by PMing me here directly and be as detailed as possible. Thank you. :)
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  2. My download speed decided to suck as I am downloading it.

    Will report back after playing the full game... which will likely be after I wake up in the morning. :)

    Looks cool just from the screenshots ;)
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  3. Thanks, I look forward to your feedback. if you have any issues downloading/playing it lemme know I'll see if i can help ya out. :)
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  4. So I needed a break after a bit lol. Going in blind doesnt help much, finding a weapon in those first chests in the cave is a MUST.

    Also, something I noticed which may need to be fixed:

    Chest gives 2 potions, if you miss the chest at first because you aren't paying attention, just trying to see what is wrong with your sister, the dumb guard will block you and you wont be able to get the potions and they are VERY useful.

    Also, when the guy asks for wine, where do I find his wine? I feel like he may give me something for getting it for him.

    Feedback so far:
    I feel like battles in the cave are too much unless I am missing something... You have low attack and low health considering that 2-3 mobs attack you dealing 50-100 damage each totaling to 100-300 damage by the time you have attacked. This means using many potions and eventually you run out- I had to battle 6 different groups before dying by a vampire. Will try to continue later on, just needed a break for now. Love the story, kind of has a Pokemon feel to it in a way. I know its a 2D game and supposed to feel like those older games, but some kind of voice acting instead of reading everything could make that much of a difference.
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  5. I'll try it out later! :)
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  6. Thanks for the feedback! I've fixed some more issues since then and if we don't find anything else wrong or "unfair" by tomorrow afternoon I'll smooth out those details and re-release the demo. :) Appreciated. <3
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  7. I can help with art if you want. I do a bit o f pixel and am looking to improve in that area, as I mainly have done 3D stuff. But if I can help let me know!
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  8. Sounds Great!!
    Ill go ahead and try it out, will give feedback soon!
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  9. Send me some examples through PM, I'd be glad to incorporate some of my second family into this project. If you need something to do for examples I could really use some nature art (trees, bushes, flowers, and unique plants) with an RPG of the size i want I need several exotic flora so go crazy. It would be very much appreciated. :)

    Much appreciated, I look forward to what you think. :)
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  10. Dimensions?
  11. Amazing work in RPG Maker as I can see, (Maybe I'm wrong). I willl look foward to playing it and seeing how well the story unfolds.
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  12. 48x48 I believe? I can send you a sheet of my current tiles if you'd like.
    That it is. Everything I see about RPG Maker is that most games are turned away because it's not custom coded or made, I wanted to kind of prove that wrong I suppose? I also have zero music/art talents but I like to think I can write a boss story. :p
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  13. I'll download later when I'm at my PC. Looks cool from the screenshots.
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  14. Played for a while and it's really good. The only thing I struggle with is fighting the monsters.
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  15. Seems like that's an issue with others as well. I'm messing around with character stats and monster encounter rates and difficulty to hopefully make them slightly easier at the beginning.
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  16. Updated Download Version Beta 2



    *Fixed Bug where Guard at the Start would return to original position when exiting and reentering room.
    *Adjusted Monster Spawns in the Numaria Caves
    *Adjusted Stats for classes
    *Added hint for the Wine and Whine quest.
  17. Unless I am being dumb, he still stands in the doorway in the new update thing. I did notice less damage to me and less spawns per say. I was actually able to get to the ice sword after killing that demon. However, I still cannot find the kitchen.. and still need to go into the house and kill the guy downstairs later on... tomorrow.
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  18. Did you know that I'm stupid? No? Because I did... to save the locations of events (NPCs) I need to input a note onto the NPCs notebox. That specific note is <Save Event Locations> Now what I had put for that one room is <Save Event Location> did you see it? I left off the "s" in Locations... fixing it now. Once again thanks for catching it! :)
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  19. Hopefully that guard will now no longer rummage through your unmentionables. I have successfully tested and fixed it. Turns out the plugins I used was also broke. So I suck at grammar and plugins. Yay me. :) But yeah he should 100% not stand in your way any more. I wish you best of luck in your testing. :)
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  20. Downloaded in the hope I can provide some actual feedback at some point. Honestly though, these kind of RPGs lost their charm for me eons ago, so I can't promise much.
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