Experimenting with max player increase on smp1

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. After about 16 hours it seems to be running smoothly enough, aside from a small server crash. The chat doesn't seem to be too congested either, its not like trying to read movie credits on fast forward. :)
  2. Yeah it has run great, those small server restarts occasionally can't really be helped, even if the max players was 5. Hopefully the next version of the game will be more stable, according to Notch's tweets they have put a lot of time into debugging.
  3. Yay the servers getting better
  4. Now that sounds like a version release I might get excited about! :)
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  5. There is a new pre-release of the new minecraft out and now sheep grow their wool back FTW
  6. What do you mean no lagg I was fighting monsters In the wilderness and there was so much lagg it logged of my browser
  7. It was the stereotypical worst time for a restart earlier.
    Players were set and anticipating the action, the perspiration running down their face and their knuckles white with strain on their new shiny pickaxe. The spectators were on the edge of their seats and the resident ghasts were chomping at the bit and showing their excitement by shooting fireballs at the spectators. The umpire takes the stand and yells ready, set, ..............
    The bout never happened. The final battle in the tournament echoed into nothingness as the nether ate the remains of the restarting server. A few minutes later and the battle tense players are once again ready to sprawl their opponents into the liquid magma below. The first player falls, the players excitement increases, the second players falls and the two remaining opponents can taste the victory. Two quick swings of a pickaxe later and both players are screaming as their bodies are boiled at the same time in the fiery broth below. After a minute to compose themselves the two archenemys are standing 6 blocks apart on a floating island high above the lava. The battle ensues and after a flurry of blows a disappearing voice screams Noooooooooo as its owner sinks into the scolding liquid of doom. Thus ending a relatively quiet night on smp1.
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  8. is there cake at the end of this test?
  9. what
    I am so confused right now. So confused indeed.
  10. The chat update is what's made this possible really in my mind- this way the chat isn't being spammed out by 60 players.
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  11. Wait, wait, wait... I thought Notch retired from MC?!?

    FTW indeed. Minecraft is now 20% cooler! Like if you get that reference.

    This is why EmpireMinecraft is best server. 'Nuff said.

    Same. But wasn't it entertaining? Btw, I haven't seen you using greytext in a while. Was starting to miss it!

    Yes, but it is a lie.
  12. Its gonna be awesome with 60 max i keep having to wait up to 30 minutes because they are full and then when they go down to 42 or such the spaces are imediatley filled.
  13. Copypaste is a wonderful invention, my friend...
  14. Wooohooooo!
  15. This test has gone really well on smp1 for almost 2 days. I am pleased to announce we will be moving all the servers to 60 players max this evening.
  16. Nice, I'm now waiting for the next round of "Can we increase player slots" topics. :)
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  17. That will only take a few weeks until new players who think we have always had 60 slots a server will begin to ask for 75 slots. :)
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  18. Should only take a few days the way things are going. EMC is number 16 on minestatus!
  19. Hey guys. I know 60 slots for every server might seem like a lot, but I had to try a whole 2 minutes to get in today and I think you should increase each one to maybe 2394239432 each. I think that'd be fairest. Y U NO BE FAIR!?

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  20. Well Justin this is Notch were talking about so you cant be sure till it has actually come out :p
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