Experimenting with max player increase on smp1

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. One of the things I have been working on over the last few months is tweaking every bit of performance possible out of the server code. Today I finished my list of things to improve the performance of. Other than the occasional Minecraft hiccups (MC still has a lot of improvements to make) I feel that the Empire platform is in a great place.

    So the good news? We have just set the max players on smp1 to 60. The only real way to tell if we can handle more smoothly is just to test it. After all I don't have 60 Minecraft accounts and even if I did running 60 instances of the game my PC would prob burst into flames ;). If this goes horrible right away we will reverse course. If it goes great we will give it 24 hours for a real measurement and then start to up the other servers.

    Happy mining!
  2. yay sweet thank chu
  3. less login problems
  4. I would like to report good news. NO LAG! For some reason even less lag than there was 45 slots. Did you add something for reduced lag?
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  5. Yes cant wait till this happens to smp2! EMC FTW
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  6. ikr! there is like no lag! and If your a proud Member of Empire Minecraft like this comment to show how many LOVE the wonderful work JustinGuy has put into this server for others to enjoy and have fun with others.
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  7. I love this.

    Unfortunately, it's not gonna do any good.

    The reason being that the Empire's such a popular server, players will fill the extra 15 slots like creepers in a dark cave.

    Still, at least 15 more people will be able to play at the same time! Happiness!!!

    yeah, nice try, Creeps!
    Next time, how about you out and ask for those likes?
    Aw, I can't blame you. It's an epic server. Like my comment if you agree! ;)
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  8. I'm quite surprised at the lack of additional lag (so far) myself , and wondering the same thing.
  9. Across all 4 main servers, this allows, when fully implemented, will add an entire 60 MORE slots. Think of it like that, not just 15 more.
  10. This is only for smp1 for now it is being tested.
  11. I know, but when it is implemented 60 more will be on at once
  12. yeah :p it is a good think and I am happy for the server ^^ :D
  13. Yes I did do a bunch of stuff to reduce server load (aka lag). One big one was the live map fixes. The live map can be very very heavy as it has to keep loading up chunks and rendering images from them. The true test will be in 24 hours or so to see if stuff is still running great (that would indicate no big memory leaks).
  14. Awesome. :eek:
  15. cross your fingers everyone!! :)
  16. I like to flush I've cubes down the John for luck. We also do it for snow.
  17. I know a lot of people have been requesting this for a while so I hope it works out. Personally I'll take it or leave it, I quite enjoy the smaller community on EMC.
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  18. While I agree with you, it is a lot easier for us to say that since we are guaranteed a slot :)
  19. Happy mining?
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