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  1. A while back someone (I think it was Kryssy) made a post about the fact that the Frontier was going to be expanding out to something like a million blocks or ten million. (it was an insanely high number, anyway)

    I was wondering what the status of that is, and when it is likely to happen?
  2. No, it's a little different. The Frontier is already infinite, comparable to a regular Minecraft world, and it already allows you to go extremely deep into the wilderness.

    What is said to happen is that we'll get new outposts which will be placed further out into world. So instead of one ring (north,east,south,west) we'd get another ring further away. Names / commands haven't been shared yet to my knowledge, but I could imagine things like fnorth (far-north).

    From what I know the new outposts were scheduled to be placed with the upgrade to Minecraft 1.10, but that has been postponed for the upcoming 1.11 release. So I assume (not sure!) that this might happen when the 1.11 update will be installed.
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  3. Would like to add, the reason they wait till the 1.11 update is so the new outposts could have a better chance at the new Biomes...
  4. Actually ours is capped currently to prevent non-SS+ from reaching the new spawns. I think it's capped at about 500,000 out or something.

    This exactly. Though the wastelands will of course also be reset to allow for fresh terrain, we wanted the frontier to have new terrain as well and after hearing the 1.11 release notes at Minecon, we delayed.
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  5. This is the thread you are talking about: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/pre-announcement-look-frontier-spawn-expansions.64314/

    And more specifically, here is a quote from the thread where Krysyy talks about the locations of the outposts.

    Edit: And I was already ninja'ed by Krysyy, she's fast! ;)
  6. Ahh...Thanks. That's what I was wanting to know.
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