Expanded Senior Staff Services

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  1. Many of you have taken advantage of the current WorldEdit services offered by Senior Staff. You will be pleased to hear that we are ready to expand the number of services that we are willing to perform on your res. As with the current services these do have a high price.
    • Current services
      • Dirt removal 60,000r smp res/120,000r Utopia res
      • Between res edits (road alteration) 10,000r smp res/15,000r Utopia res per side
      • Removal of accidental blocks on town property FREE!
      • Replacement of missing bedrock layer FREE!
    • New Services
      • Whole res biome change 20,000r smp res/40,000r Utopia res
      • Whole res to res move 100,000r smp res/200,000r Utopia res
      • Bedrock removal 1,000r per block
    More details on the wiki page.
  2. Alright Thanks Dave :)
  3. Whoop! Love it!
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  4. Thank you.
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  5. SO many people want biome changes. Thank you so much
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  6. Like me.
  7. So, anybody got 3.6 million to remove all their bedrock? :oops:
  8. *Points at todd_vinton
  9. I guessed they were a few people, but wow lol, quite a lot
    And that's small, compared to the 14.4 million for a Utopian res.
  10. I have a lot of saving up to do.
  11. We might be able to knock 5% off the 14,400,000r for a utopian res. Offer only available for next five minutes.
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  12. Very funny Davie :p
  13. For the building betweens reses, is this where we tell you what to build, or do we get permissions to build? Tthis is assuming that either both reses are yours or the person next to you agree.
  14. This is awesome! Thanks Davie!
  15. I believe BigDavie will build what you want between the two residences, as long as you provide the materials :)
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  16. Sorry if this is stupid (probably is) but why would you remove the bedrock?
  17. To have a garbage disposal, decoration, replace it with glass and/or another material.
  18. *quickly yells at Aikar.
    ;3 Just curious, any plans to make this automated in the future? :p
  19. I'm considering a single piece of bedrock removed for the absolute hell of it, question is if I get annoyed can you put it back lol
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