Excessive rupees! What to do about it?

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  1. So, in my four month absence, I kept my diamond subscription going, meaning I've accumulated a whole ton of rupees from the automatic daily rupees bonus. Now I've got more rupees than I know what to do with, and I'm not really the hoarding kind of person, so I'm interested in giving some of it away. For now, the plan is to dish out 80,000 rupees.

    I initially thought I'd just hold a raffle with 16 5k prices, but that's not very interesting. So instead, I thought I'd see what the community thinks I should do. I'm not limiting myself to a single purpose, so if two or more ideas catch my fancy, I might give away to multiple causes.

    I'd probably be the most interested in sponsoring the prizes in a competition, if any such competition comes along that I feel happy about backing. I'm not in a rush to get rid of this money, though, so I'll wait until something I like actually comes along.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    Okay, just to clarify, here are some things I don't want suggested:
    • Don't just ask me to give you some rupees. I want people to earn these in some way.
    • I'd rather not do very much work myself. So don't suggest I set up an elaborate scheme with a prize at the end, like a treasure hunt with hints and such things. If you want to create such a treasure hunt and have me as a prize sponsor, that's a different story. It's got to be good, though, so ask if I want to participate before you go through all the work it would be. :p
    • I will not donate this money to somebody else's competition directly. I generally don't trust people enough to do that. If you want me as a sponsor on your competition, I will hold on to the money until the competition has been finished, and I will be doing the "/rupees pay" command myself to give the prize(s) to the winner(s). Of course, this means you have to trust me, so if that doesn't happen, we're in a bind. As long as you make sure that the lack of a payment reflects badly on me and not you it should be okay, though. :p
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  2. i want them
  3. Hmm try talking to zombieslayer the host of Wild survival race I think he's still accepting donations for prizes. Hmm can't really think anymore right now
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  4. I could use a couple of thousand for glowstone at 4006 (community farm, 200k+ spent so far) :)
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  5. Make a signed book, "find this you win 10k" make a few and hide them in a massive super mall... that would be fun
  6. could I please have the rupees because I need them for my own intrests all I need is 10k and I can not go on right now please can I have 10k
  7. The LLO neees recovery funds and prizes for the LLOlympics. Talk to zulu9 about it. I suggest just donating to some wild outpost in general.
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  8. use the book a quills to make some kinda elaborate treasure hunt with the treasure being a password, someone pms you that password, they get rupees.
  9. No begging for direct payment, please. I want this money to be given as a prize or for some effort. I've updated my OP with details.

    They are good ideas, but I don't want this to be very much work for me, so I must unfortunately reject your ideas. I've updated my OP with details.

    I'm not interested in donating money directly to someone. I've updated my OP with details.

    Well, that sounds interesting... is there a thread posted on the forums here where I can read more about it?

    Yeah, that sounds pretty good. Is there a thread posted on the forums here where I can read more about it?
  10. I'm making a mega mall, i could use stone... or rupees to buy 'em.
  11. We all usually post here :http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp7-jungle-outpost.5159/ Over the last few weeks (last few pages) we've been griefed to heck in a handbasket and it just keeps on and on before we even are able to rebuild and repair fully.
  12. 284 pages... :confused: Wow. Well, I'm not sure I want to give rupees to something that's just going to be destroyed...
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  13. That's understandable :)
  14. Hey, im making a megamall, so could you donate some? than u get ur name on the FameWall :)
  15. What do you except his answer is going to be aha?
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  16. I would make a sign about like 5k blocks out tell people if they get a screenshot of the sign you will pay them 80k but that is just what I would do.

    Edit: I mean make the sign in a random spot out in the wild
  17. No, no. To the LLOlympics. We're in need of the prize money. You can come watch or participate later this year. Let me get you the link to THAT forum.
  18. Go to 1254, fall down all posible holes, go to geo-domes, look around, and see if you like it. Maybe you would like to donate. :)
  19. Not that I'm advocating hoarding or anything, but you might want to save them. The wild outpost/land claiming perk is going to be pricey, and those "excessive" rupees might turn out to not be as excessive as you think...
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  20. Pretty sure that you are going to claim land by using dragon eggs rather than rupees.
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