Evolution Of Dance (My version)

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  1. Don't ask how old I am. Just watch the video for fun :)
  2. Um. What video? :p
  3. Huh. It didn't show up. Fixing
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  4. If it does work, a link will :p
  5. Got an error trying to watch >_< Really want to watch this now lol
  6. Hm. That's weird. Try again
  7. I'm dying right now. Inside and out xD
    I think it's pretty cool, and funny to watch. loved the part with the chicken wings xD
  8. use a normal youtube link, not mobile.
  9. Lol thanks. I was at school on Friday and me and my friends walked out doing the weird dance and They told me to post it on YouTube so I did
  10. Well, it seems funny to watch and kind of cool of you to be brave enough to let others see it :)
  11. Also I would liked to say that I have now reached 40 subscribers!
  12. I works for me....

    lol it was fun. Also was it you or a friend of you? :p
  13. It was me :p
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  14. Congrats :D
  15. Please bump once per 6 hours.
  16. It's once per 3 hours

    Somewhat related, and loved the dance lol
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  17. Well it's been a while. Bump!
  18. Evolution of dance title reminded me of this :3

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