Everything Crashed [Closed: issue averted]

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by DemonThunder345, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. Minecraft Crashed when me and Trent were able to get on. Happy wheels crashed for someone I was in a convo with AND on Skype and me.
    All other games have crashed.
    What has the world come to D:
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  2. it happen to me too D:
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  3. Hackers maybe?
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  4. Didnt Minecraft Just crash for you?
  5. yes, it wasn't the first time I did it though, a crash like has happened twice to me before
  6. It's supposedly raining where I am, and if it's a t-storm then I might have to log off. Luckily it hasn't crashed because I've been staying logged on for the past... somewhat hours, just going AFK when I have to do something like do some chores. Hopefully Mojang will fix this to everyone will be able to play.
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  7. I cant get onto any empireminecraft server...whats happened? Its not my internet or my laptop ~FDNY21
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  8. Sweetie_Pea did you like the post because it happened to you as well?
  9. It's all of the Minecraft servers. They are all acting up and everyone is waiting for Mojang to fix it. Bummer this happens on a Saturday!
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  10. its the mojang servers
    Session and login have to be up for us to play
  11. I liked the post because I like it! :D
  12. Login is up '~'
  13. and it bites the dust again
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  14. Ah I see...while they are down, time to boss GTA V I suppose. ~FDNY21
  15. Omg Not youtube D: Screenshot (46).png
  16. OMG! What the heck? Is the entire internet going to crash now?! THE END IS NEAR! :eek:
  17. My friend just called saying if Everything crashed for me also!
  18. I HAVE XBOX LIVE CONNECTION! The end is running away:p ~FDNY21
  19. first off xbox sucks
    PS3 is where its at
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