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  1. Hello. I would like to explain my situation in life. The reason I am doing this is because I have put people off and been rude. This is somewhat of an apology :) I don't know where to start so I just will

    About a month ago me and my girlfriend were walking to a store to buy stuff. A man approached us and told me to give my wallet to him NOW. I did so and the man started to assault my girlfriend. So I tackled him. We fought for a little while then he got up and shot me 3 times. He was taken into custody of the police the next day. I was rushed to the nearest hospital. I have spent a lot of time there recovering from my injuries. I am extremely hallucinogenic and imagine things that I don't have. such as 20 DCS of obsidian or a dragon egg. I struggle to decide what is real and what isn't. I am saying this to apologize to anyone if I have put you off. I struggle to keep my cool with my meds and such. Its really doing a number on me. I am just saying this to apologize to anyone I have wronged in the past. I hope you accept it.

    BTW The man is on trial for the things he did
  2. I am sorry to hear that, and you have never been rude to me.
  3. !!!you got shot?!? get well soon =)
  4. 0.0 Well then.
  5. D: get well soon
  6. Get well soon D:
  7. Man of the year award goes to marshmallow. You should be honored for what you did for your girlfriend. Mad respect. Hope you get well soon :)
  8. My response exactly!
    Hope all is well (or atleast will be). Glad to see that you stood up to the man! Haven't seen someone do that for a while now. Good on you!
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  9. Thanks you guys! I am doing very well! I only have physical injuries now. Nothing in this head is messed up anymore!
  10. 3 cheers for sanity! :D
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  11. Hip Hip... Hooray! Hip Hip... Hooray! Hip Hip... Hooray!
  12. sorry to hear man. feel better. EMC needs you
  13. mothertruckin high five!
  14. seriously tho theres like three things you can do in this world to earn undying respect from me. and one is taking bullets for loved ones or brothers at arms. i dont care what you say mad respect
  15. So, you're having issues telling apart false realities from the true ones...
    When will I get those 1 billion rupees and DC of diamond blocks you promised me?
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  16. Get well soon marshmallow. It took a lot to do what you did and I am glad that we have such an outstanding person as a member here. Hopefully everything is back to normal soon. Be careful with the meds. Hallucinations are no joke. If you ever feel like something may not be right, take a step away from the computer instead of getting mad or rude toward people. That should fix a big chunk of the issues you seem to be having.

    Best of luck and see you in-game. =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.