Every time I go to emc.gs it fowards me to emc.gs.

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  1. Every time I go to emc.gs it fowards me to emc.gs. /lp/ seems to be some sort of new player site. But it keeps happening, and I'm wondering why, and how to solve it. Thanks!
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  3. Why would this be happening though?
  4. Yeah. EMC.gs now redirects to a different page for it is a simple link for new players. . Use empireminecraft.com
  5. Because, that is where that url links to. :)
  6. Oh, that's a change. Makes more sense now. Thanks chickeneer and Crazy_TJ
  7. We are pushing lots of new banners and such to simply say "emc.gs" to be used for promoting EMC (such as live stream wrappers, and YouTube etc), and for simplicity we don't want to put "lp.emc.gs" which invites people to screw up the url.
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  8. This one had me puzzled as well (and maybe also a wee bit annoyed at first) but yeah; basically a landing page to help new players find their way more easily.

    I usually typed 'emc' in my browser after which it would expand to emc.gs. Nowadays I simply type 'emp' and then my browser turns it into empireminecraft.com. And when you use that URL, as Chickeneer already mentioned, then you won't get redirected.

    For whats it worth; on my browser (Opera, based on Chrome (/Chromium)) it took no longer than 2 days before it perfectly picked up my "emp" alias. Of course, I also check the forums several times a day ;)
  9. What does lp actually mean though? :p
  10. My 2 cents: landing page ;)
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  11. I would never have thought of that, but I do like that acronym. :)