[Events]Soaring Sales

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  1. Is it too late to join this week? I’ve been gathering sea lanterns but the sell flag is off
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  2. Hey.. Yeah, the week of Sea Lanterns ended on Monday for both Soaring Sales and Resource wars.. don't worry though permanent sell signs will be set up pretty soon for ALL past Soaring Sales items so players can continue to sell them for money, they just wont be competing for prizes!
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  3. Another week of selling is over and the winner for Week 3 of Soaring Sales is 99Marvel for selling the most Sea Lanterns!

    The Block for Week 4 is Green Terracotta! The sign is already live so get selling!
  4. Get to selling your Green Terracotta today! whoever sells the most will win 100k!

    Good luck to all! =D
  5. Green Terracotta Sell signs are still open and will remain open until July 22 for the challenge! Get selling at +Sales for a chance to win 100k
  6. These Signs are officially up and can be found at /v +Sales on SMP1 for those who are interested in selling the past items that have occurred in this event!
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