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  1. Welcome to Soaring Sales!

    Get Ready to Join us for a week long of selling and strategies!

    In this week long event, all players will be told a Minecraft item and be able to sell that item at
    /v +Sales!

    Whoever sells the most of that item will win a grand prize of 100k on top of the money they make from selling the item!

    Get prepared to collect some items and make some money!

    Event Details
    Date: Starts Every Tuesday [Ends on 12am Monday]
    Time: All Week Long
    Location: /v +Sales on smp1
    Host: Gianluca99Star & SSRCcorp

    BLOCK OF THE WEEK: Green Terracotta

    Interested in more events? Check out the Star Events home page to see the up and coming fun we have planned for June!

  2. Get excited to start selling some products!

    Sell as many Oak Fences as you can to the remote sign at +Sales on smp1! whoever sells the most signs will win 100k!
    *the sell sign will open tomorrow*
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  3. This one is for the economy players! Soaring Sales Sell sign for OAK fences is now live! Sell as much as you can at /v +sales on smp1 and go make some money, sell some fences and have a chance to win 100k!

    The sign will remain open until Monday June 24! whoever sells the most will win 100k on top of everything they make selling the fences!

    Happy selling! o/
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  4. Oak Fences for the win!
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  5. I would very much like to know how my number of fences stack up against others sales numbers.
    If you weren't going to publish a list of numbers already, then opt KatyBuild into it. Because after my 3rd stack of collecting them, I have failed to keep count how many I am turning in.

    *only I and some of the rest of chat know that I am choosing not crafting these fence posts, but am choosing to (waste) hunt and gather them. villagers are wiley at hiding them and some of those mineshaft are just downright eyesores until I stripmine all their fence posts from them*
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  6. Heya Katy, sent you a PM! =D
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  7. The first week of Soaring sales has come to an end! Thanks to all who participated! we will take a look at the sales and see post who Won on Tuesday!

    Dont worry Though, Soaring Sales is not over! Starting Tuesday you will be able to sell Glass Blocks at /v +sales

    Get all your Glass Ready! Whoever sells the most will win 100k and everyone who sells will be entered into a draw to win some cool prizes!
  8. This week is off to a SOARING start!

    Sell is now turned ON at /v +sales on smp1!

    Sale all your Glass Blocks for a chance to win 100k, AND everyone who sales will be entered into a drawing for other prizes!
  9. Hiya, a sign please o/
  10. Soaring sales is selling all out stuff. I'm assuming you are wanting a sign for Resource Wars(where you show off all your stuff but get it back at the end)

    There is a sale sign for Soaring Sales(I double checked this because I thought we forgot something..)
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  11. Ah yes, seems I'm in the wrong thread
  12. Its okay, I helped/help with it all and still get confused! You have an access chest :)
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  13. this Event has been a lot of fun for me personally!!
    thank you for this fantastic idea.

    And MissBonnie and CrystalDragon weren't the only confused ones... but I went to the Resource Wars shop first :oops: Had it backwards
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  14. The chest is full now, and not emptying currently.
  15. Im just saw this, I will logging in now!
  16. Been on a small trip for the past week.. will announce the winner for last week's hopefully tomorrow

    will also keep the sell chest for glass open until tomorrow night so if you haven't been selling.. you still have abit over a full day!

    Go make some money and have a chance to win 100k!
  17. Another week of selling is over and the winners for both week 1 and week 2 have been found!

    Congragulations to KatydidBuild for selling the most Oak Fences in Week 1!

    Congragulations to KatieKittyWitch for selling the most Glass Blocks in Week 2!

    The Block for Week 3 is Sea Lanterns! The sign is already live so get selling!
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  18. The sign is set up for buying lol
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  19. whoops fixed! :p
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