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  1. Welcome to Resource Wars

    Do you have the capability to acquire a lot of one item within a week? then this is the perfect event for you!

    In resource wars you will have an entire week to collect the item that will be chosen for that week! the player will bring those items to /v +resource on SMP1 and whoever can fill up the most chests will win 100k

    Don't worry about your materials, everything you bring to put in the chests, You WILL get back at the end of the week! Just be ready to gather some materials and show us that you are the best resource gatherer.

    Good luck and happy gathering!

    Event Details
    Date: Starts Every Monday [Ends on 12am Monday]
    Time: All week Long
    Location: '/v +Resource on SMP1'
    Host: Gianluca99Star & SSRCcorp

    THIS WEEKS ITEM: Green Terracotta
    Interested in more events? Check out the Star Events home page to see the up and coming fun we have planned for June!

  2. Its time for the first ever resource wars!

    If you would like to participate please message me on here or in game, i will set up access signs to your chests!

    Whoever can collect and bring the most Oak Fences to /v +Resource by the end of the week will win 100k!

    A small reminder you also get to keep all the items you collect! so grab as much as you can and try to win the 100k!
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  3. could i enter note is the item like oak signs this week ??
    can we do emrolds next week xd
  4. Hello forsure! i will set you up an access chest on the 1st floor!

    It is Oak Fences by the way!
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  5. So excited! :+1:

  6. So, the following suggestion I can't decide if I believe in or not lol. And I imagine you've gone through this thought process already. But could future items be more general purpose/not a derivative product?

    I just feel like I may have a shot at the oak fences one, and would like to participate (sign me up please lol) but I also have 0 use for a bunch of fences afterwards lol. So that kinda negates the "you get it all back at the end" bit.

    On the other hand I can see how making it a crafted item makes it less likely for people to have a stockpile already, thus leveling the playing field a bit.

    I think a good option could be something like red sand. It's a grind to gather and people are fairly unlikely to have tons, but the end result isn't a waste of more useful materials.
    Something annoying to craft, like dispensers, could be funny too lol. Which would still be valuable afterwards.

    I love this idea though, thanks for hosting!
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  7. Hey! thanks for the feedback! i agree 100% we just choose oak fences based on it being something relatively easy for the first week!

    i will add you into this weeks comp asap! you will have access to chests on the 1st floor!
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  8. wow i alrady crafted like 10000 signs lol
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  9. The first week of Resource Wars has come to an end! Thanks to all who participated! we will have looked at all the gathered fences! Congratz to Yixomua for collecting the most Oak Fences and winning 100k!

    We also did a draw to everyone who entered! Congratz to KatieKittyWitch, your prize will be mailed to you ASAP!

    Everyone who has entered has access to collect their Oak signs at /v +resource on Floor 1! =D

    Dont worry Though, Resource Wars is not over! Starting Today you're collecting Glass Blocks and putting them at /v +resource

    Send a message to me if you are interested in entering and we will set up an access sign for you!

    Get all your Glass Ready! Whoever collects the most will win 100k and everyone who sells will be entered into a draw to win some cool prizes!
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  10. As I have been on a small trip, I will be keeping the glass resource wars up until tomorrow night! Keep bringing glass for a chance to win 100k! If you need to set up a chest to put glass in please message either myself or MissBonnieParker!
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  11. can we next to emrolds or redstone would be fun colecting those
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  12. Says the player with advanced raid techniques, and correct me if I'm wrong about seeing you say in chat that you have already crafted way more than 330k emerald blocks. 😀

    I would suggest a block that is a little more challenging to gather, maybe ochre froglights. 😃
  13. i dont have a raid farm xd
  14. you are a raid farm
  15. maybe im good at raiding
  16. it could also be a chalenge man vs macine if i had 1
  17. Congratz to Yixomua for winning week 2 and collecting the most Glass Blocks!

    You can now go pick up your stored glass at /v +resource on SMP1!

    The next item to collect is Sea Lanterns! if you are interested in joining for this week at a chance to win 100k message Me or MissBonnieParker about getting a chest! =D
  18. Congratz to 99Marvel for winning week 3 and collecting the most Sea Lanterns!

    You can now go pick up your stored Lanterns at /v +resource on SMP1!

    The next item to collect is Green Terracotta if you are interested in joining for this week at a chance to win 100k message Me or MissBonnieParker about getting a chest! =D
  19. if you are interested in joining the event this week of collecting the most Green Terracotta, feel free to message me or MissBonnieParker about getting a chest!

    Whoever collects the most will win 100k! and you get all the items back at the end!

    everyone who joins also enters into a draw for a random prize!!

    Good luck everyone
  20. A chest please for greenies Terracotta...
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