[EVENTS/GIVEAWAY] Sky's Birthday Bash

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  1. Brief:

    My birthday WAS 2 days ago, and i'm hosting a Birthday Bash on March 19th(POSTPONED FROM ORIGINAL TIME), 12:00 PM EST Time (NY, Michigan, NJ, Ect.) For my Birthday, I am hosting a Giveaway, and a series of events hosted at my FOURTH RES. Events will include a Drop party, followed by a Fire Floor, and at the very end, a scavenger hunt. Prizes vary for all the events, but all are worth coming. Giveaway and attending the events.
    Attending the events and scavenger hunt is TOTALLY FREE!

    Giveaway is entered by saying your USERNAME, what your favorite MC Jukebox song is, and a number you would like to have. Numbers go up to 30 More will be added if needed.
    Event/Giveaway Details:

    Drop Party: Hosted at my forth res, and will take place first.

    Fire Floor: Takes place after Drop Party, and you are able to donate prizes.

    Scavenger Hunt: 10 Treasure chests, and 5 False Treasure chests. Treasure chests are self-explanatory, (Diamonds, Emeralds, ect) while False Treasure chests give dirt, mob drops (-promos) and useless items, and stuff like that. Whats a good scavenger hunt without some false stuff anyway?

    Giveaway (Postponed, along with party again,) winners will be chosen after the party.

    Giveaway Prizes:

    1st Place Prizes
    Full god diamond armor. (Prot 4, unb 3 thorns 3)
    God Sword. (Sharp 5, fire asp. 2, KB 2 looting 3)
    9 Stacks of Emeralds
    1 stack of Diamonds
    2 DCS of Carrot, Potato, Seeds, Wheat, Sugarcane, and Cacti
    16 Villager Eggs

    2d Place Prizes
    God Sword. (Sharp 5, fire asp. 2, KB 2 looting 3)
    6 Stacks of Emeralds
    32 Diamonds
    1 DC of Cactus, Wheat, Seeds, and Sugarcane
    8 Villager Eggs

    3d Place Prizes
    God Sword. (Sharp 5, fire asp. 2, KB 2 looting 3)
    3 stacks of emeralds
    16 Diamonds
    1 DC of Wheat, Cacti and Seeds
    4 Villager Eggs

    Giveaway List:
    1. JVEnraged


    2. BearJedi
    4. GeneralWillikers
    5. Omegian04
    7. SkeleTin007
    8. Pab10S
    11. Crafter31211
    13. Rundercaster
    15. nuclearbobomb
    16. nltimv
    17. LittleBlueBun
    19. Rhythmically
    22. ww2fan168
    23. FoxyRavenger
    24. dshadowx1
    25. MustangLover25
    27. Guill

    (POSTPONED TWICE because if issues with MC and confusing Homework.)
    Winners will be chosen via http://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/original.html
    Have fun, and Good Luck!
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  2. Mman, Cat is cool.
  3. GeneralWillikers 13 i think is the music and ill take #4
  4. Omegian04
    Fav Music Disc #Chirp
    Number 5 Please
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  5. SkeleTin007
    My favorite music disc is Far
    And I will take #7
  6. ww2fan168
    Favorite disc is Far
    Ill have number 22
  7. Rundercaster
    Got to be Blocks
    I'll take #13
  8. Almost your birthday. :D

    I love disc 13
  9. Congrats!

    I love mellohi
    Any number, really.

    EDIT: I was chosen to be #18!
  10. StoneSky #4 is taken. Please pick another number.
  11. Well the most infamous FoxyRavenger will join your giveaway :p

    Mellohi or Stal those are mine

    #23 Thanks
  12. LittleBlueBun

    I like the CD/Jukebox song Chirp

    and 17 please? :D
  13. Crafter31211
    Cat FTW
    11 please thanks for giveaway!
  14. Hm, I don't know what my favourite record is :/
    Anyway, it's nice you're doing this!
  15. I shall take 2

  16. I will take 24
    #will be there!
  17. Pab10S
    Can't say I like any of them much but Happy BDay.
  18. BTW the reason why i am asking people for their fav MC jukebox songs is because the song that is picked the most will be playing at the events party.
  19. nltimv
    Song: Cat I guess
    Number: 16