[Event] Waste destroying party 2

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  1. What: Waste Destroying party
    When: Saturday the 28th @ 2pm server
    Who: Everyone is invited to this event.
    Where : smp6 use /waste W then head E
    Welcome !!
    It's time for a public Waste Destroying Party.

    If you don't know what that is ill give you a brief explanation.

    The basic Idea is that we will drop down a beacon and in an orderly fasion remove layer by layer to bedrock. The last time we did this it was a blast and reaped alot of stone cobble and fun.

    This event takes a decent amount of work to prep and we will be doing as much of that as we can in order to make sure it is fun for all.

    There is a few things you should bring to make the event fun for you.

    Picks with eff v UB3 and PIcks with silk touch Effv UB3 (there will be a repair service on hand to help but you should bring several of your own )

    Food of your own choice.
    Mules to help move dcs of your product
    Chests and signs.
    Pick repair service will be provided by M4nic_M1ner, EffinBatman and Baradar67. This is a time consuming service and limits our ability to mine. prices will be posted at dig site.
    I will set up as many chests and signs so everyone can have some but I cant Promise ill be able to provide for everyone.

    If I think of anything else I will add it to this.
    Edit #1 link from first party
  2. You need to bring
    *good mood
    *funny jokes
    *respect for others
    *the will to follow minor rulez

    :) cant wait for us to start
  3. Im gonna be there! I need to get some good picks though. Know of anywhere I can buy them?
  4. yes on smp6 use /v +mm
  5. Please can we have it on Sunday
  6. I can't because ill be working.
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for organizing this! :)
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  8. Thank you.
  9. Hopefully this one will go as smoothly as the private mining party :)

    I recommend this event to anyone and everyone! It was a lot of fun and something to be proud of at the end. I'll almost definitely be there this weekend ^_^

    I totally agree with D here! :p
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  10. Ill be there hopefully, are we taking home what we mine?
  11. I will definitely be there on Saturday. I came in late for the last party. Did you use mumble during the event?
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  12. Yes of course.
  13. I don't personally no. We do have a few people who like mumble though
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  14. Dramanya, Manchildie and I did during the last event, I'll happily mumble with you Breezy ^_^
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  15. Sounds good Anon. I'll try to get mine working by then. :p
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  16. i may try and get on also.
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  17. ill be there with a shouvel and a bow
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  18. yes those will work