[EVENT] Wacky Wild Wednesdays!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. :DTonight's Event:D

    To Be Determined ;)
    Hosted by Eviltoade

    Time: 9:30 pm EMC time

    Location: To be determined

    Note: Wacky Wild Wednesdays will be hosted by Krysyy when she is available on Wednesday afternoons after work.
    A variety of events may occur, so pay attention to the details given the day of the event.
    Most of these events are for fun mostly, but Krysyy and Krysyy alt heads MAY be given as prizes, along with some other goodies here and there.
  2. Sounds cool
    Too bad I cant make tonights event :(
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  3. Oo, I'll be attending :D
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  4. Awesome I hope to make it
  5. Awesome! I think I'll be able to make this one :)

    Edit: Nice moves Krysyy:cool:
  6. Expect death. Lots of death. May not be your own, but death is a requirement.
  7. Awesome! Now we can look forward to events on Wednesdays, but sadly I am not able to make it tonight.
  8. Ah!! I've got to drop a friend off. I hope I'm back in time D:
  9. We will hax EMC until you come back :p
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  10. This will definitely be awesome.
  11. love it! Sadly, Can't come! :(
  12. AH! Coming now
  13. Wat. I can't go to the res.
  14. I have been sick for about a week so mind giving like a 2 hour heads up instead of 30 mins not just for me for other people too. *sneeze*
  15. My first time doing creature capture. This is really fun! Thanks for hosting this~
  16. I had a blast at Creature Capture tonight! :) If you guys ever see Wacky Wednesday events in the future, definitely try to come. It was a great time. :)
  17. I gave more than 4 hours notice on Facebook/Twitter, 1.5 hours notice in-game, and 30 mins on forum. I think that was plenty.
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  18. :eek:
  19. I'm wacky enough stop announcing it's my day of the week ;)
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