[EVENT] Trivial Pearl Toss

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  1. ~What is this?~
    This is a fun event hosted at Air Inc(owners tuqueque, Dufne, UltiPig) by Tuqueque. The hoster will ask 15 questions and each winner will get a chance to shoot at the prizes 6 times. The winner can choose to either a max of 6 prizes or shoot of item frames to reach the back, where bigger rewards are! After the trivia, the hoster at his own will, could open a free-for-all part to empty the prize pool. So basically a "throw party" instead of a "drop party"

    How to play?

    1. Win trivia
    2. Get told the TP
    3. TP and shoot for prizes
    4. ***This is just for demonstration, prize wall is huge and long( a better video will come soon enough, he he)
    everything is provided, there is no need to bring anything to this! just yourself and maybe some fast typing fingers for googling =P(if needed)


    last about 1hour 50min

    the Air Inc HQ on corner utopia reses 5857
    go there by typing /utopia and then /v +air or /v 5857


    Donations are greatly appreciated and YOU are helping us make this event better by doing so. If you would like to donate rupees then pay tuqueque the amount you wish and notify him =P, if items, hoppers will be at the HQ waiting for you, thanks!
  2. :)~Prizes~:)

    you may be wondering what prizes are they going to be sp here is a brief summary:

    • Promos
    • Voter items(not always)
    • Gems and their blocks
    • Obsidian, tnt and other valuable blocks(by stacks)
    • Enchanted items from end city dungeons
    • Deco heads
    • Rare mob heads
    • Orginal Tin Foil Hats(not always)
    • Other items!
    ~Can I use this res for my private event?~
    Yes you can, just contact tuqueque for details and availability
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  3. ~Braggin' Rights~

    Each time an event is hosted, tuqueque will place a Braggin' Rights book on the prize pool. If you get this book you will have to mail this back to tuqueque(or the current hoster) so he can place you in this list :)

    7/30/2016-Rhythmically(original name: Qwerty189)
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  4. Sounds fun! also really love that banner XD
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  5. oooh this was the place I did a little testing for you! This game is way fun :)
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  6. Sounds awesome hope I can attend!:D
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  7. I can attest that this is a very cool setup. I will try to be there. :)
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  8. I'll be there to watch! :)
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  9. I hope to try to be there
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  10. Trivia and prizes? And enderpearls? Sounds like fun.
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  11. I'll try to be there!
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  12. starting now
  13. This Was so much fun! I went as BQ2003 and it was a blast!! it inspires me to host something like this... :D thanks so much for it!
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  14. this was a lot of fun hostin! here is a clip of the last few mins(after all good stuff were taken), of how the FFA was. enjoy!


    1. When was John F. Kennedy assassinated? (exact date)answer: November 22, 1963
    2. What name is given to the closest star to the Earth?answer: The Sun
    3. What is the dot in the "i" called?answer:A tittle
    4. The Colorado River flows into what body of water?answer: Gulf of California
    5. What is Miss Piggy's surname?answer: Lee
    6. What day is today in? (mm/dd/year format) answer: July 30, 2016
    7. What is the Capital of US state Florida? (spelling mush be correct) answer: Tallahassee
    8. Who is the father of the periodic table?(last name or complete name) answer mendelev
    9. What custom mob name has been released by Aikar, but not the actual creature(or any details of it)?(summary: name of a tentative future custom mob) answer: Lethar
    10. Who were the first members to be promoted to staff? answer: Dark_Liz and AusQB
    11. when were the sellers of the buyback shop of smp1 town, rewarded back(give date)? March 20, 2013
    12. What is the organization on Ankara’s ast res? answer: Umbrella Corporate
    13. When was the Empire Wiki added? (mm/dd/year) format answer: August 30, 2013 8/30/13
    14. What was aikar first suggestion to EMC(as a regular player)? type thread name or paste thread link answer: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/idea-player-owned-towns-the-anti-griefer.3343/
    15. 15.Before Starlis LLC took over EMC, what was the name of JustinGuy’s company? answer: Kalland Labs
  15. Also, Congratz to Rhythmically for getting the special book!
  16. #Soon New event :)

    Event will be after i come back
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